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Access Your Skype Contacts and Use Google Desktop Search from Your Mobile with SoonR

Posted by telecommatt on August 25, 2007

I’ve been using SoonR for a few months now. It’s a really cool service. You have access to your email, any folders you designate, and your Skype contacts. If you use Google Desktop, you can use SoonR to search for any document on your machine. View docs on your handset, share them, or email them. (which is what I do most often.) It many cases, SoonR eliminates the need to carry a USB drive with you. My only gripe is that the I seem to get a little pop up telling me to upgrade the desktop client every other day.

Featured Download: Access Files from Your Mobile Phone with SoonR

from Lifehacker by Adam Pash. Windows/Mac: Access files, emails and search your desktop from your
web-enabled mobile phone or any web browser with freeware application
SoonR. After you install the application, set it up with folders you
want to retrieve files from and then log into SoonR from your phone.
The application’s best feature is its file viewer, allowing you to view
40 different file types (including PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and PDF
docs) rendered for your phone—meaning your phone doesn’t have to
natively support any of them. SoonR is currently free to use (it sounds
like a premium version is in the works), Windows and Mac only.

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One Response to “Access Your Skype Contacts and Use Google Desktop Search from Your Mobile with SoonR”

  1. Do you know if there is a possibility to do the same with Windows Search?

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