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Matt’s Cuppa Tech Tip: Save Time By Restoring Your Hard Drive from a Disk Image

Posted by telecommatt on August 25, 2007

Thanks to Lifehacker for today’s tech tip. Having a disk image to restore your drive from can be a huge time saver. It takes up an afternoon just installing Windows. Then comes the tedious part– installing all your software, (Finding all that software again…) and recreating all the little system tweaks that you just can’t compute without. I use DriveImage XML for the same purpose, but with this method you don’t need a second drive to store the image on. I can see myself using the System Rescue CD in the future.

System Rescue CD


You’ve just reinstalled Windows from scratch—again—but
this time you want to preserve your sparkling clean setup for instant
restoration down the road. Instead of dropping cash on Norton Ghost or
Acronis True Image, burn yourself a free, bootable Linux-based System Rescue CD. The System Rescue CD includes open source tools GParted and Partimage,
which can create a new partition and save your fresh Windows
installation as a restorable image for the price of zero dollars. Never
stare at those creeping Windows installation progress bars again: With
the System Rescue CD, you can have that fresh new Windows feeling any time you need it.

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