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IntenseDebate Wants Your Comments

Posted by telecommatt on August 27, 2007

Last week, I did a short write up on eHub of advanced blog commenting system, Disqus. Disqus plans to improve the blogosphere by improving the rather basic and rudimentary commenting system built into most blogging platforms.

I was surprised to receive an email today from one of the co-founders of IntenseDebate. It turns out that Intense Debate is also an advanced blog commenting system. They also offer threaded comments, comment tracking, and comment statistics.

Admittedly, I have not jumped in too deep yet on either product. That said, IntenseDebate has one rather large advantage over Diqus right now. They are already live. Following is an excerpt from his email. Thanks Josh!

We have been profiled on TechCrunch and Download Squad. We already do essentially the same thing Disqus promises to do, but better. We are already in a closed Beta and on quite a few blogs.

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2 Responses to “IntenseDebate Wants Your Comments”

  1. Josh said

    Hi Matt. Thx for the write up. Good luck to you. If you have any questions for me, you know the drill.

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