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Zyb Releases More Zyb. Much More Zyb!

Posted by telecommatt on August 27, 2007

I attempted to review mobile backup solution, Zyb, back in June and found that my own phone was not compatible with their service. I had such a great experience with their product support, however, that I did a write up anyway.

I received an email this morning alerting me to some updates that were released and tested on the quiet. I didn’t have a chance to post at the time, but Kristen, over at Mashable, had an early morning post on this.  Honestly, my jaw dropped when I saw what these guys have been up to.  Zyb does more than back up your mobile contacts. Much more! Here is an excerpt from the email I received. Thanks Haider!

Dear Matthew Murphy,

Hope you are doing fine!

reviewed ZYB previously where you highlighted the importance of a
mobile data backup service, and I expect you will agree that as a
mobile data backup platform ZYB has since established its credibility.

then we have been striving to provide something completely different
instead of reinventing the wheel. The goal has been to harnesses the
power of the data that users upload and “bring your mobile data
to life”.

We launched the new version in silent mode a
couple of weeks ago to get some quick feedback, and now we are ready to
go out in the open. We haven’t even notified our users yet, so
you should find the new version to be newsworthy.

If you check out our website: you will see that the interface has improved with the following new features:

Users can connect to the people in their mobile
phone’s address book to keep in touch and share mobile content
• Connected friends can keep their contact information updated in each other’s phones

Users can micro-blog from their phone and
broadcast the blog to people in their phone’s address book

Users can upload pictures from their mobile phone
and tag the pictures using the phone’s address book
• Users can expand their social network by searching for people with whom they have mutual friendsThese are just some of the cool features ZYB is offering without charging a dime from its almost 200,000 users across the world.

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