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Mashable, Blog Action Day, and the Earth Herself

Posted by telecommatt on August 28, 2007

I was very disappointed when I read the Mashable post about Blog Action Day. Peter Cashmore’s sarcastic response to an event that nearly 3000 bloggers have decided to become personally involved in shows that he clearly missed the point. More than that, he seems to have forgotten the point of grassroots social activism.

So apparently October 15th is Blog Action Day,
a day when bloggers will unite to blog about the environment (video
above). Thank goodness the top politicians who have the power to divert
resources to this stuff are experts on blogs and the Internet;
otherwise this one would be a complete waste of time. It’s also
great to see bloggers taking real action, instead of just sitting
around blogging all day.

What saddens me the most is that if Mr.Cashmore, using the credibility and reach of, has convinced even one person that there is no point in participating in Blog Action Day, then he has dealt a blow to the entire environmental cause, and even to the earth herself.

It’s true that the political heavyweights will probably not read my blog on October 15th. That is not why I’m participating. I’m participating because one person who reads my blog might decide to do something or tell someone else. If Mr.President reads my blog on October 15th, that’s great! What I hope is that he personally decides to change one habit to help heal the earth. And if my next door neighbor reads my blog and changes one habit, that’s just as great!

I’ve written time after time that we can reverse the damage we’ve done to the environment one person at a time. Each decision you and I make, and each time we tell someone else what we are doing and why, that is a success story. But if just one person decides that Blog Action Day is a pointless exercise because people like Mr.Cashmore misuse the credibility and reach of podiums like Mashable, that is one success story that has been stolen from us, and that’s one more injury to our fragile environment.

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  1. In other words, they go against the grain of the careers their parents had.
    Anna had been looking through my phone while I
    was naked. Ask your local club to run this for you.

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