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Zoho Starts Something New…Again

Posted by telecommatt on August 30, 2007

Zoho announces something new…again. I love hearing new stuff from Zoho. Their stuff is just so cool! I use Zoho a lot; most of my longer articles for this blog and for eHub are written in Zoho Writer, for example. (Although lately, for some reason, my cursor is reset whenever a document autosaves. Have to check the forums on that.) I checked out Zoho’s new Zoho Start this morning. Excellent addition to the Zoho product set! They call it a dashboard for your Zoho documents, but I think that description sells it somewhat short. Start is a tabbed interface where you can view and sort all your existing documents. What’s so cool, however, is that you can do pretty much everything from one place, whether it’s a document, a spreadsheet, a presentation, or anything else. You can create a new (document, a spreadsheet, a presentation, or anything else) with just a click, and the Zoho Apps button brings you to a menu of Zoho applications you can launch. This is so much more convenient than opening your profile (which opened in a new tab) and clicking on the application from there (which opened in a new tab). This is great stuff, and I really encourage you to check this out.

Early this morning, Zoho released a new tool called Zoho Start. Now Zoho releasing something new is hardly earth-shattering news.

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2 Responses to “Zoho Starts Something New…Again”

  1. Arvind said

    Matt : Thanks for taking note of Zoho Start and for the nice post! We will see why the auto-save resets the cursor & fix it soon.

  2. Thanks for noticing! I wrote up an article last night from within the Zoho Start interface instead of going to and had no problems with my cursor resetting. They say that a technical glitch is something that happens consistently until you try to show somebody. Perhaps that is what happened here.



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