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Adding Some Punch to Pownce

Posted by telecommatt on September 3, 2007

Nice to see that the Pownce crew keeps adding to their product. I’m not as on the Pownce pulse as I should be, but I have a funny feeling that if the features don’t keep coming, Pownce may fall into relative clique status, if only because the Twitter API is out in the open.

Pownce gets some fresh new features

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Pownce gets some fresh new featuresPownce, the easy way to send out goodies to friends has announced a few new helpful features.

  • Sending brief snippets of text, images, photos and links
    just got a little easier with Pownce’s new updates. Besides beefing up
    the system to run faster, the team has integrated in:
  • Event notifications – the most recent five upcoming events you have been sent will appear on the right hand side of the screen.
  • Inline
    video playback, image previews – YouTube, Google Video, Metacafe,
    Revver, and Vimeo videos as well as images from Zoomr will be
    automatically embedded in your notes for quick viewing abilities.
    Images from Photobucket and Flickr will be added in the future. (Why
    Pownce wouldn’t start off with Flickr, we don’t know, they are only the
    top image hosting provider.)
  • Social network profile
    display – Profile where else you are on the web. Easily link to your
    other profiles online, including Digg,, MySpace, Facebook,
    Twitter, IM id’s, and links to your websites and blogs.
  • Preference settings – Open links in a new window by default, and customize note and reply features.

The one thing that keeps us wondering, where’s the API?
Twitter, the competition has theirs out and people are doing some great
things with it, but when can we expect some consumer integrated mashups
from you? However, Pownce is on the move to distinguish themselves as a
true quick message player.

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