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Palm Foleo Dies, Long Live the Foleo

Posted by telecommatt on September 5, 2007

I’m a bit disappointed about this news. Palm is evidently nixing its Foleo product due to expensive bug fixes and lack of public reaction. I rather liked the idea behind the Foleo. Why carry a computer with you when 80% of the time you only use 20% of its capability? I actually would welcome the idea of computers being replaced by component machines that speak with each other. I posted about the Foleo earlier.

Palm Foleo Dies After 3 Months

A few months after its introduction, the Palm Foleo has been canceled in its first generation.
With the amount of software-related bug fixes that were to delay the
launching of the Foleo until September or October, Palm CEO Ed Colligan
decided to cancel the entire project instead. You’ll remember
that the Foleo was met with a large amount of dismay, as the smart
phone companion offered an expensive way to type and send email on the
go. See the initial write up here.
With this canceling of the project, the company can refocus its
attention to the ongoing building of a better platform for the Treo,
improving the existing line of smart phones the company is known for,
including the newest version of the Palm OS, which is now Linux-based.
Even with the death of the Foleo First Generation, a Foleo II is still
in the works. Hopefully this will be better priced and more practical. Microsoft, which is rumored to be in talks with BlackBerry for an acquisition, and Google are both ramping up their mobile efforts as well.

[via CNET]

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