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Thumbs Up for National Geographic’s Green Guide

Posted by telecommatt on September 16, 2007

Green Home Makeover, Video Clips, Environment Articles, Organic Products, Quiz – The Green Guide


This morning I discovered National Geographic’s print magazine and companion website, The Green Guide.  This site is amazing! It’s so well put together and it’s packed with articles, videos, and quizzes about green living. There is a ton of free content, but the subscription is a really good deal too.

They have a series up now called the Green Home Makeover with articles and videos about what you can do around the house to green things up. It’s a really good series and the videos are well done. I consider myself pretty well-versed when it comes to Environment 101, but I picked up some interesting tips from the video series.

  • The most efficient temperature setting for your freezer is zero degrees. For your refrigerator, it’s forty degrees.
  • If you open your oven door when you’re baking, it reduces the oven temperature by about fifty degrees.
  • The most energy efficient way to cook food is by using your microwave.
  • Your dishwasher often uses less water than hand-washing. Change your dishwasher settings to air dry your dishes instead of heat drying them.
  • Up to ninety percent of the energy that your washing machine uses goes toward heating the water. Wash clothes in cold or warm water and hang them to dry.
  • Electronic appliances such was TV’s and DVD players use as much as ten percent of their running power consumption when they are turned off. This energy powers things like LED lights and electronic clocks. Unplug devices that aren’t in use or plug them into a power strip so you can turn off more devices at once. (We use electronic timers like you might use for Christmas lights. With a timer, our TV is ready when we might watch it, but is not using any electricity when we’re not.)

2 Responses to “Thumbs Up for National Geographic’s Green Guide”

  1. Thanks Matt for sharing the great resource. I will be sure to check the website out. Thanks for sharing the tips you found in the videos. I’ll be sure to unplug my dvd player!

  2. Rachel,

    Thank you for taking time to comment! There is so much on that site that I haven’t had time to look at. Please let me know what you find!



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