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Forget About Microsoft Office with 2.3

Posted by telecommatt on September 17, 2007

Even if you missed your chance at an early download, is an absolutely must-have software suite. I do most of my document editing online, but this Microsoft Office killer is one of the first pieces of software I install on a new machine. 2.3

Download 2.3 a few days early

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2.3 will officially be released on Monday. But if you’re the impatient
sort, you can download it this weekend. The software has been
distributed to download mirrors including OSUOSL a few days early in order to make launch day run a bit more smoothly.All
you have to do is select 2.3, choose your operating
system and language, and away you go. There are a ton of bug fixes and
feature updates since OpenOffice 2.2 was launched. Here are just a few.

  • New export filter for writing Wiki pages
  • Spell check 1 letter words
  • New chart wizard
  • A whole slew of new local data including Jewish holidays in the US, and updated currency in Venezuela
  • Language guessing for unknown text
    You can find more updates in the release notes.

[via Ejoh]

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