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Pat Your Own Back With An Accomplishements File

Posted by telecommatt on September 24, 2007

Good advice from LH and Slacker Manager. I would add that, if you don’t already, take a look through your Accomplishments file at least once a month. Keep your positive moments fresh in your mind and look for things that you’ve done that are relevant to problems or issues that you are facing today.

Work: Keep a File of Your Accomplishments


If you’re doing a good job at work, keep a record. Office productivity site Slacker Manager suggests keeping a “yay-me!” file:

basic idea is simple: you just keep a file of good stuff you do. When
you figure out some trick new process that saves hours per week, you
make a note about (don’t forget to datestamp it) and drop it in the
yay-me file. “

There are two benefits of this practice:
first, you can always give yourself a pat on the back when you’re
feeling down. Second, you’re storing up good karma for your annual (or
otherwise) evaluation. Do you have a “yay-me” file? Share how you’ve
used it in the comments. Yay-me! file [Slacker Manager]

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