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Send Congress an Email: Global Warming Action Now!

Posted by telecommatt on October 4, 2007

I’m on the Environmental Defense email list, and every so often ED sends out an urgent plea to do something. Usually, that something only takes a minute or two. This is no exception. Please take a minute and call on our legislators to take action.

Environmental Defense Action FundRenew Your Membership Online

Dear Matthew,

Congress needs to move on climate legislation. This year.

I’m going to be frank with you.

It’s October 4th, and Congress has not yet scheduled a vote
on global warming legislation.

That’s why we’re launching Operation Climate Vote to apply
maximum pressure to get climate bills to the floor in both the
House and Senate before the holiday recess.

In this extraordinary moment, we’re asking you to do
something extraordinary.

Send Speaker Pelosi,

Leader Reid and your members of Congress a message

Tell them we need comprehensive global warming action

this year. We need to cap global warming pollution.

While we applaud their efforts to pass energy legislation
that makes a “down payment” by slowing the growth of global
warming pollution, it’s vital that Congress also squarely tackle
the need to cap and cut such pollution.

So, we’ve asked people who live in Nevada, Senate Majority
Leader Harry Reid’s state, and San Francisco, House
Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s district, to call them to urge a
vote on global warming in both houses of Congress this year.

You might not live in their districts. But you can still tell
them that you will hold them responsible for inaction.

Send an email

And then tell all your friends to join our cause.

If we don’t create the pressure and urgency, the clock will
continue to run, and 2007 will be another year in which Congress
fails to take action to solve the global warming crisis.
The global warming threat is too urgent for us
to allow that to happen.

We may not be able to pass law this year, but Congress should
focus on marking up legislation and preparing for floor

Send an email
encouraging House and Senate leaders
and your members of Congress to focus on real global warming

We appreciate everything you’ve done and promise that as the
clock keeps ticking, we’ll keep the pressure and urgency on
Congress to keep their promise.


Steve Cochran
Environmental Defense Action

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