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Web 3.0 And Beyond From ConsultGlobal

Posted by telecommatt on October 6, 2007

Web 3.0 And Beyond « consultaglobal

The point being, for a 3.0 release to deliver a disruptive rather than just a transformational innovation, there is now a need for cross-pollinating based on a multi-disciplinar

Just came across this fascinating look at the progression to ‘web 3.0’. I’m always impressed with the quality of the posts I find on the ConsultGlobal blog. This is a good read, but take some time and digest it afterwards. I’d like you hear some of your thoughts!

Somethings I wonder are:

  • How can ‘web 3.0’ embrace the physical environment?
  • Can it be made aware of threats like scarce resources and environmental pollution?
  • Will this newer version help us to make sense of our impact our environment?
  • What are the correlations between the semantic web and our own global ecosystem?

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