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Another Tip From DLS – MojoPac Goes Free

Posted by telecommatt on October 10, 2007

MojoPac virtual desktop goes free – Download Squad

But MojoPac goes one step further. It lets you save all of your WIndows XP settings and applications on a flash drive

I looked at MojoPac once before, but decided not to cover it since it wasn’t a free app at the time. However, now that the basic version is free, I feel a lot better about recommending it. This isn’t another web-based OS. Instead you save all your windows applications, files, and settings on a flash drive and MojoPac lets you pop all that onto the next PC you visit. XP only, no Mac, Linux or Vista support yet.

2 Responses to “Another Tip From DLS – MojoPac Goes Free”

  1. Pete said

    It all sounds very nice,but unfortunately MojoPac
    won’t run on just any computer.
    It has to be running in Administrator logon.
    Yes, there is a way to run it in a limited user account,but it requires the installation of a “facilitator”,again via the Admin account.
    These requirements make it almost useless for anybody
    in a work environment or public place.
    Those computers are all set up for limited user accounts.
    Even your friends won’t necessarily allow you to use the Admin account.
    ?????Check out the forum at Mojopac if in doubt.
    Too bad,it had so much potential, but with these restrictions it won’t fly too far.

  2. Pete,

    That is unfortunate. I had high hopes for Mojopac, too! Although it does make sense from a Windows admin perspective I guess. Thanks for taking the time to comment on this!

    Also, please make sure that you update any bookmarks that you have as I’ve just gone live with the new domain: Although I will continue to maintain this site, I will no longer be posting here.



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