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Firefox is Finally Going Mobile

Posted by telecommatt on October 11, 2007

Mozilla aims Firefox at mobile devices | Webware : Cool Web apps for everyone

Mozilla has set up a group to develop the Firefox Web browser for mobile devices, hiring new staff and elevating the priority of the work to the same level as desktop computers.

I’ve reviewed Opera Mini over at eHub, and run both Opera’s mobile browser and Mozilla’s Minimo browser on my Nokia tablet. While I commend Opera for their mobile products, I was disappointed with the now-discontinued Minimo. For all of Opera’s success on the mobile platform, I miss the flexibility that Firefox plugins provide.

As I’ve said before, I feel that Opera offers a better product than Mozilla. But until I can get the same amount of flexibility that my Firefox plugins afford, I’ll be a Firefox user. I have a feeling that the same will happen in the mobile space– give me plugins or give me Firefox.

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