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Byteswap Is A Virtual File Cabinet For The Internet

Posted by telecommatt on October 13, 2007

Byteswap – Rethink the way you search!

Use Byteswap like a virtual file cabinet to store links, files, notes, contacts – practically anything!

I’m intrigued by the idea behind Byteswap. I guess it’s like an online free-form database. I’ve used a few products in the past that were of similar concept. I found them much more flexible than a simple bookmarking system. In fact, I sometimes think that a platform like Byteswap might have been a better choice more me than my current Worpress-Diigo combination. Matt’s Cuppa did, after all, begin as a linkblog with commentary. Although, I have to agree with Mashable that a wiki-based system might be more appropriate.

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