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Google, Microsoft Trying To Put Your Healthcare Online

Posted by telecommatt on October 18, 2007

The health is on: Google to launch health site next year – Download Squad

It seems more likely that an individual doctor or medical practice will pick one service and then stick with it.

Are you kidding? Doctors are too busy to worry about learning how to use a new website so they can communicate with patients. The way our healthcare system is structured now, they don’t have time to communicate. That’s why they have assistants to handle things like phone calls, faxes, etc. One can argue (and I agree) that it would save time and money, but to the people in the system, it’s just one more thing to expect of an already overwhelmed doc or specialist.

And do you really think that these providers, much less the insurance providers, will feel comfortable using a public service, which they have no control over, to put this sort of thing online? I’m thinking not!

To make any venture of this kind profitable, it’s going to take a ton of time, money, patience, and lobbying.

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