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Comcast’s Packet Forging Opens An Uncertain Future For Broadband Access

Posted by telecommatt on October 22, 2007

Comcast traffic blocking: even more apps, groupware clients affected

Instead of passing the legitimate e-mail through its network, Comcast’s traffic monitoring tool (likely Sandvine) is sitting in the middle, imitating both ends of the connecti

Personally, I feel that Comcast offers the best product (assuming everything is working properly) that is available in my area. I’m no longer a customer, but I was very happy with the company when I was. However, I am getting more and more disturbed the more I hear about Comcast’s packet forging.

While I understand the need to keep illegal content from being passed over their network, I fear the growing trend of controlling the content that is being passed. Is it really up to Comcast’s discretion? How long will it be before we need Comcast’s permission to use a certain protocol on their network? Will we soon see a ‘protocol blacklist’ posted in the Comcast user help section of

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