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Melting Sex Toys Are Bad

Posted by telecommatt on October 24, 2007


The Smitten Kitten in Minneapolis is one of the adult toy retailers which has stopped selling certain kinds of toys because of questions about the chemicals used to make them.

In an odd sort of menage a trois, this week’s Environment Report, which I mentioned here, did a segment on dangerous chemicals in sex toys, which I posted about here, in which they interview one of the owners of local Minneapolis environmentally-concerned sex shop, The Smitten Kitten. Did you get all that? Anyway, listen to the podcast. And tell a friend. It’s a subject that needs more attention.

And check out the photo of the melting jelly toys from the slideshow. And you’d want to put that where??

9 Responses to “Melting Sex Toys Are Bad”

  1. Where would us single people be without our favourite toys! But are we in danger. How do we know if they are safe. I use mine so fast that I’m worried about bursting into flames. Lol

  2. Miss dildo said

    Yeah! Be cautious on what product you using here are some exceptional toys I can recommend take a look the reviews.

  3. ??? said

    What reviews are you talking about?
    How can anyone think making this sort of claim with no links to support them will help your thoughts.
    Could you please post some details with some links to what you talking about. I dont even see photos to support this idea.


    I get frustrated when I see anything like this with no support. You cant a story without the whole facts given to the reader.


  4. yup…there are really toys, sex toys in particular which contains toxic that is hazardous to our health, i think i have read an article before about those toys for kids which are banned because of the toxic called phthalates… so we should better be health conscious at all times….

  5. Not all manufacturers are using bad or toxic chemicals that is harmful to our health. Their are lots of manufacturers are always concerned to our health and safety as well.

  6. egosextoys said

    The public has greater choice that ever before when choosing sex toys. Aside from more eco-friendly materials, they can also evaluate packaging and rechargeable toys that don’t require replacement batteries. Finally, they can appeal directly to manufactures to change their materials and packaging.

  7. thank you for sharing this one!

  8. It is true that some toys have phthalates in them and research suggests that these chemicals can be harmful. That’s why factories across the world are discontinuing ranges to phase out these bad toys!

    At LoveHoney, we make sure we label the content and materials of the adult toys we sell to ensure that our customers know precisely what they’re getting and are able to make an informed decision.

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