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Daylight Savings, Stressed Out IT Folks, And 3 Billion Kilowatt Hours

Posted by telecommatt on November 4, 2007

I love the fact that it takes us weeks to adjust to daylight savings as it is, and suddenly (well, as of last year) we’ve got to adjust to an adjusted daylight savings.

This year Daylight Saving Time went screwy. Or to put it another way,
Daylight Saving Time goes into effect this weekend. If this were 2006,
it would have happened last weekend. You can thank Congress for the

I have to say, we’re in a bad way if our technology can’t keep up with our government!

All of this might seem like mere trivia if it weren’t for the fact that
older PDAs, cellphones, VCRs, and pretty much any other device that’s
programmed to automatically adjust for Daylight Saving Time is now

To those of you who spent last week wondering around wondering what time it actually was, don’t worry– it’s over now! You can once again trust your trusty PDA, VCR, PC, etc.

On the positive side, environmental blog, Treehugger, points out the environmental savings we get from daylight savings. Personally, I think it’s worth a week of confusion and a few stressed out IT folks to get these results.

Dr. David Prerau, who was a consultant for Congress on this bill,
states that by adding this extra time to DST will shave one percent
– 3 billion kilowatt hours – off of the United
States’ power bill. Apparently DST has been credited with more
than just saving energy. It’s also been known to decrease crime
rates and the number of traffic accidents and increase participation in
outdoor activities.

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