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Demo Girl Takes Jottit To A New Level

Posted by telecommatt on November 4, 2007

Build a website on the fly with Jottit « Demo Girl

Jottit is a tool that allows you to build a wiki-style website, instantly.

Jottit is one of those things that you find on the internet that you know are really useful, but can’t think of a thing that you need it for right now. I ran across Jottit a couple of months back and found that Emily had already posted it on eHub. (She tends to be on top of things like that!)

I was a bit surprised when I saw a Demo Girl post about it last week. My initial impression of Jottit was that it was a very useful tool, but it seemed a bit simplistic for a four minute screencast. Every now and then I’m wrong, and this was one of those times. Molly goes into quite a bit more detail in her screencast than I did when I tried it out in September. Jottit is really a robust tool. I had no idea, for example, that you could embed video on a Jottit page!

One thing it’s good to keep in mind as you watch is that Jottit is wiki-based. A commenter on her post states that they think Jottit needs WYSIWYG editor, something you rarely find on a true wiki. While I can see the appeal of this, Jottit’s purpose is to literally create websites in seconds. To accomplish this, you need to take a few minutes to learn the markup they use. Just like keyboard shortcuts, once you get used to the markup, you find that you’re editing faster than you’d be able to if you were pointing and clicking to create your formatting.

As usual, Demo Girl does a fantastic job with her screencast. Thanks, Molly, for showing off how powerful a tool Jottit really is!

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