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Google ‘GPhone’ Is An Open Source Platform For Developers

Posted by telecommatt on November 5, 2007

Google Makes Its Entry Into the Wireless World – New York Times

“We are not building a GPhone; we are enabling 1,000 people to build a GPhone,” said Andy Rubin, Google’s director of mobile platforms, who led the effort to develop the software.

Of course, the news about Google’s jump into wireless is all over the blogosphere today. This quote really leaped out at me when I read it. I think that this is a brilliant move by Google. Aside from pretty much guaranteeing themselves a steady stream of advertising income once these handsets are released, they have gathered some very big companies together to work on an open source project. We’ve seen how development explodes when someone like Twitter or Facebook (or Google) release an API into the wild. I can’t wait to see the same explosion happen in the mobile industry.

2 Responses to “Google ‘GPhone’ Is An Open Source Platform For Developers”

  1. “Promoting” free softwares at this scale (Google is not any firm) in the mobile phone industry may be very promising…

    As a free software & Google aficionado, I’m anxious to see the result.

  2. Yeah, Google’s Android platform pretty much knocked the mobile industry sideways. More and more of them are promising open access and better support for unlocked phones. Verizon, I believe, has gone as far as saying that we’ll see the release of an Android model in 2008. I’m not certain where I read that though.

    P.S. While I still maintain this blog, I no longer actively post here. Don’t forget to check out Matt’s Cuppa blog at

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