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Opera 4 Final Released– But I Liked The Pre-Release Better!

Posted by telecommatt on November 7, 2007

Opera Mini 4 released – Download Squad

Want that iPhone-like mobile web browser without the iPhone price? Opera has released the final version of Opera Mini 4

Okay, after I publicly raved about a release of the beta version 4, they released later version of the beta, which has since crashed my phone, lost my bookmarks, and no longer does the landscape mode thing that was my entire reason for downloading 4 beta in the first place. Grrr…

But, I’m still going to download it, and I’ll still champion it, because it’s still miles above anything else out there.

One Response to “Opera 4 Final Released– But I Liked The Pre-Release Better!”

  1. iphone related said

    great music site for the iphone: you can also build a playlist on the main site and it shows up on the iphone instantly

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