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Freespire Ate My Drive Space

Posted by telecommatt on November 10, 2007

that’s it. my previously mentioned ubuntu experiment has been prematurely canceled. mostly because i got tired of not being able to multitask. running a live cd means that a good portion of the os is loaded into to ram. when you have an os designed to be a windows replacement, the os takes up a pretty sizable chunk of space. my machine was not happy that i was trying to run something that large in memory. strike one against me. strike two also came this week when i decided to install freespire on a donated pc without checking either disk space or ram. i think i was distracted because i remember being really really hungry. i was going for the most user friendly out of the box box that i could, and since fs links directly to cnr to download additional software, and major codecs are already in place, it seemed like a good idea at the time. until i discovered the reason the machine kept freezing- there’s something like 17kb of free space on the drive. huh, shoulda thoughta that… so, now i think i’ll replace fs with puppy linux instead. more set up required, but but it takes up much less space on the drive. any other thoughts out there?

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