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New Puppy

Posted by telecommatt on November 11, 2007

I’m posting this from a brand new harddrive install of Puppy linux on the donation-ware PC I had previously been trying to run Freespire on. Puppy is running much smoother. Load time is literally cut in half! And multitasking is rather less system intensive.

Linux is not my native language, so I’ve still got some learning curve. For instance, I seem to not be able to download any of the additional software packages or run the pre-installed wiki server. (I suspect this may have something to do with opening ports, but I’m not positive.) My biggest frustrations so far are two-fold. First, there is the ever-present driver issue that plagues Linux distros on mainstream Windows native PC’s. The hardware was selected to be used by the Windows OS, and drivers are not always available for Linux users. Hence, I have no working soundcard on this machine. But, that means I don’t have to worry about things like audio codecs either;)

My next goal is to get Firefox installed. Puppy comes with Mozilla’s Seamonkey Suite, which is hugely smaller than installing Firefox, Sunbird, and Nvu (which perform similar functions to the Suite). The problem is that most of the Firefox extensions I use are incompatible with the Seamonkey browser. Big problem for a blogger!

While I don’t see myself using this as a primary PC, it will serce as a learning machine, and it’ll be fun to post a few updates as I tweak it. I don’t want to spend hours of work on it, but the Puppy OS is already growing on me…

2 Responses to “New Puppy”

  1. I’ve installed FF on “the Puppy” – it performs well.
    I intend to try the Firebug add-on next.

  2. Louis,

    Good to know, thanks! Now I just have to figure out why I can’t download any puppy packages. Let me know how Firebug works!



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