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Sprint Mogul: Good Phone, But Where’s My GPS?

Posted by telecommatt on November 12, 2007

HTC Mogul PPC-6800 (Sprint) Smartphone reviews – CNET Reviews

The Sprint Mogul by HTC brings some needed design and feature updates to its predecessor

HTC MogulThe most likely candidate to replace my aging Samsung AH920, which apparently needs emergency surgery. I like the design. I like the touch screen. It has a solid feel in the hand. I like the sliding qwerty keyboard. I just wish it weren’t powered by Windows Mobile. Since I don’t use Microsoft Office products on my home PC, the ability to sync them with a PPC does me nay good. It also lacks GPS capability, something I use regularly. Still, it seems to be the best choice at the moment.

Oh yeah, I was told today by a Sprint rep that beginning March of ’08, existing customers will qualify for rebate offers when upgrading their handset. Thankfully, this will replace their questionable I’ll-give-you-$75-towards-a-new-phone-if-you-promise-not-to-switch policy, which I find to be rather insulting since $75 off a new handset amounts to pretty much nothing.

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