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Please, Put My Social Life Back In My Inbox!

Posted by telecommatt on November 14, 2007

Social networks of the future could be email based – Download Squad

The New York Times’ Saul Hansel suggests that Yahoo! and Google are working on bringing social networking features to your email account.

OH, THANK BOB!! As you may know, I’m rather tired of Facebook, and I’m certainly tired of random "women" wanting to by my "friend" on the MySpace account I haven’t once logged into since I opened the account.

Among the biggest problem for me is the maintenance factor. I don’t want to go to someplace else to log in, view messages, respond to requests, and delete spam. I already do all of this with my email account.  Isn’t that enough?

I say CHEERS to Google and Yahoo! and whoever else is going to put control of my social communication back into my email box like it used to be!

2 Responses to “Please, Put My Social Life Back In My Inbox!”

  1. Seraphiel said

    I don’t think doing those things you want to do is so efficient via e-mail. Why not use an instant messaging service like Jabber?

  2. Seraphiel,

    Currently, I think you’re right. You have a point; It would not be as efficient. (Although I personally don’t think it’s efficient to manage 5 or 6 different social networks by having to log into each one at a time, either.) I would propose something like better Google Talk integration into the Gmail client perhaps.

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