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How Not To GTD

Posted by telecommatt on November 18, 2007

A Roadmap to Spectacular GTD Failure · The Cranking Widgets Blog

My system went “un-reviewed” for several weeks, projects weren’t managed, stuff fell through the cracks. The worst part was, I was frustrated, tired, stressed out and – obviously – grossly unproductive!

It’s always nice to learn how to fail from others so you don’t have to do it yourself! This is my biggest failing when it comes to GTD– the weekly review. Believe it or not, we were discussing this very fact on the way home tonight and not twenty minutes later, I’m reading this article in my Google Reader feeds! Allen suggests doing this on a Friday night, and this may be the biggest reason I don’t get my review in. It sounds incredibly questionable to tell your friends you can’t join them because you have to clean out your inbox and review your week. (Not that I’m an ultra hipster by any means. On the contrary, I don’t want to give my friends any reason not to invite me on the few opportunities that fall in my lap!) I’m considering a Sunday night review, which is a great way to clear out last week in time for the new week, but it means that you week isn’t as fresh in your mind as it would be on Friday.  I’m also a recovering Franklin-Covey student, and it’s hard to let go of old habits. One this that I learned from the Franklin-Covey system is that it’s not that the system didn’t work for me. Instead, it was me that didn’t work for the system. GTD is teaching me that this is true of many systems out there. They work only as well as we work for them, which means that maybe I need to suck it up and do my weekly reviews. Be sure and check out the Lifehacker post for some great discussion points there, as well

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