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Matt’s Daily Diigo Post 11/26/2007

Posted by telecommatt on November 25, 2007

Nokia 770 :: Palm OS on Nokia 770

Walk Slowly, Live Wildly — Think. Dream. Dance. Love. Worship. Be.

Your Eco Health Network |

The Cyborg Name Decoder — Name Generator and Avatar Creator

Feed Shark – Ping your blog, feed, or podcast for free!  Annotated

    Ping your blog, feed, or podcast for free!

      HTML-Image map Creator WYSIWYG – uses AJAX

      Hexatron: Rogue

      The Portable Freeware Collection – Pandora Recovery  Annotated

      Pandora Recovery helps to recover permanently deleted files that cannot be found in the Recycle Bin. It works with NTFS, NTFS5 and NTFS/EFS partitions.

        Streetcards – Gaping Void

        Stuff Your Rucksack  Annotated

        “How many times have you been travelling and visited a school or community or local
        charity that you would love to help? The school needs books, or a map or pencils;
        an orphanage needs children’s clothes or toys. All things that, if only you’d known,
        you could’ve stuffed in your rucksack.

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