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Why You Should Scrap Your Holiday Cards If You Freelance

Posted by telecommatt on December 13, 2007

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This page came up with a big white box where the article should have been, but I’m going to post the link any way, because I thought the article was really good. (It shows up in their RSS feed with the text, for those of you about to leave smart aleck comments!)

 The idea is that it’s the season when (mostly small) businesses reach out to clients or potentials with holiday cards and small gifts. Whether this is to show clients they are remembered or to beg clients to remember us is arguable. the DLS article suggests that it’s better not to do any of this anyway. If you set up a systematic method of reaching out to your clients and contacts, you’ll nearly always be in touch, eliminating the need for cheesy Christmas cards or canned letters.

 If you imagine your contacts operating within a point system, it becomes easier to envision. When you first meet, they get a point. That point is redeemed for a thank you card that you send out. Subsequent levels of interaction lead to higher point valves, which are redeemed for better prizes. For example, a member of your networking group refers a potential your way. That action earns your industrious friend a gift card to a local coffee shop in their next thank you note. Now suppose that the referral becomes a client. Not only are they inducted into your point system, but your networks has earned a slightly more substantial prize, perhaps a gas card this time.

Carefully tracked and managed in this way, you are regularly engaging your contacts and rewarding them for the time they’ve invested in you. By managing the "prizes" redeemed at each "point level", you eliminate any perception of inequity among your clients as well as assuming control of the communication process. As your system progresses, you can begin to predict the next level of association you will have with many of your contacts. From a business perspective, this sure beats throwing a bunch of holiday cards in the air and hoping that me of them lands a sale!

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