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I Rant About Pownce Mobile, Then Take It Back, Sort Of…

Posted by telecommatt on December 18, 2007

Get Pownce-ing on your mobile phone! – Download Squad

Two of our main issues with Pownce, the Twitter and Jaiku-like social web service, have been their lack of mobile support and…

I am in total agreement here. Pownce is a great service, possibly more usable than Twitter, but the lack of mobile support has annoyed me from the beginning. In fact, now that I think about it, I’ve virtually ignored Pownce for at least this months now. Why? No mobile support. And who, but the lucky few have unmonitored and unfettered internet access at work, much less the ability to install a desktop chat client?

But wait no longer! Pownce has opened itself to the mobile world at last! If I sound sarcastic it’s because I am. The new Pounce mobile interface may work marvelously if you dropped a paycheck on an iPhone. It probably works on a Nokia N95. Is there some reason they couldn’t design an interface that works on your average mid-range mobile handset? Is there some sort of elitist thing going on here where if you didn’t pay more for your phone than you do for your groceries you’re relegated to the Pounce-fringe next to the people who can’t install the Pownce client on their machines because they still work for the man instead of for themselves?

In my humble, misguided, and irritated opinion, I should not have an issue accessing this site using Opera’s award-winning mobile html browser. After all, Facebook seems to be able to cater to all with their mobile offering. And Grand Central. And Digg. And Bloglines. And you get the point…

Follow up note: Immediately after finishing my above rank,I attempted to log in to the Pounce mobile site again, just to make sure I wasn’t doing something, well, stupid. And it worked. I was able to log in with no problems. So, after some informal testing, here are my findings:

 Phone: Samsung AH920
 Browser: Sprint native browser application
 Results: 4 successful logins out of 10 attempts
Comments: Failed logins always returned the same message that requested I turn cookies on.
 Browser: Opera Mobile 4
 Results: 0 successful logins out of 5
 Comments: Failed login message was the same as above. After 5 consecutive unsuccessful attempts, I chose not to attempt another 5 logins.

 Conclusion: WTF?

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