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Sony’s Version Of DRM-Free Not Environmentally Friendly

Posted by telecommatt on January 7, 2008

Sony may have the oddest plan ever for DRM-free music – Download Squad

Sony wants you to go into a bricks and mortar store and drop $12.99 on a plastic card

Okay, I’m not like most music consumers. I refuse to by CD’s because of the environmental impact of production, packagin, shipping, etc. And, of course, I don’t purchase DRM’d music. And I will never buy music from Sony-BMG because they just can’t seem to understand.

Does Sony really expect me to get in my gas-powered vehicle, and drive to an energy-consuming store to buy a disposable plastic card?? And it’s PLASTIC… From an environmental standpoint, I’m really not sure how much more stupid this scheme can get!

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