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GM, Non-recyclable Car Parts, And Microorganisms

Posted by telecommatt on January 15, 2008

Below is a quote from an email I received recently. Very cool stuff!

I have to admit, I’m a bit of a biofuels skeptic, but there have been
some positive developments in biofuels generated using microorganisms
to break down waste.

At the same time GM announced their biofuels strategy they announced
investment in Coskata, a biofuel startup using such a process:

Highlights from the article:
“It is enzyme independent and wouldn’t require the addition of any
extra chemicals or other pre-treatments. It consumes less than 1
gallon of water to produce the equivalent of ethanol;”

“In initial tests conducted by the Argonne National Laboratory, the
ethanol generated 7.7 times the energy used to produce it;”

“The proprietary process would be used to make ethanol from GM
facilities’ non-recyclable vehicle parts and waste” + “Coskata and GM
expect to have a pilot plant up and operating by the fourth quarter of

Regards, Grant

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