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The New Matt’s Cuppa

Posted by telecommatt on January 21, 2008

Matt’s Cuppa

It had to happen eventually. The Matt’s Cuppa blog has finally outgrown its home at

I’ve decided that it’s time to move Matt’s Cuppa to its own domain at This is something I’ve been putting off for too long now due to my hectic schedule, and this weekend I was able to finish most of the coding and the updates –so– it’s time to take live!

The new Matt’s Cuppa also give me the opportunity to refocus on my writing and my content. Every now and then I’ve found it’s good to have a reason to sit back and ask my the same questions that I asked myself when I first began blogging. What are my ethics and my values and what role do they play in the things I’m passionate about? And how can I share these things in a way that promotes discussion both on and off the web?

I want to say thank you to all my readers (my readership is still growing, literally, day by day) for the page hits, the comments, and the ideas. I sincerely hope that I don’t lose anyone as I cease posting here at the site.

Effective today, please update your bookmarks and your feedreaders as I will no longer be actively posting at this site.


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