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Matt’s Daily Diigo Post 02/11/2008

Posted by telecommatt on February 10, 2008

2008 Presidential Primaries Voter Guide — League of Conservation Voters

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  • The League of Conservation Voters website has an excellent breakdown on how this year’s presidential hopefuls stand on climate protection issues.
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How to Build Your Own Social Network in the Enterprise for Free « The Paisano®  Annotated

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  • I really need to devle into this more. I’m a huge pronent of bringing social applications into the enterprise. It takes baby steps and a TON of educating people, as I’m finding out in my own workplace. What I’m also finding is that SharePoint (WSS and MSS) is almost unilaterally underused. Even those places with more foreward thinking IT folks tend to just use it as a place to put stuff so someone else can get it. That’s potentially a pretty explensive “place to put stuff”!

    A part of the problem, as I’m seeing it, is that there is often a knowledge gap between the ones that deal with moving data (i.e. bits and bytes and firewalls and things) and the ones that deal with moving information around. You woudn’t think that this would be, but, case in point, a co-worker recently asked me what a wiki was. While I was explaining, my brain was like, “Dude, you spend eight hours a day buried in code, and you don’t know what a wiki is?!” But people learn what they need to perform their job functions and anything not on that list is unfamiliar, and a threat to their expertise.

    I bookmarked Paisano’s (excellent) article because I think that WSS is a great way to comfortably begin rolling out social applications across the network. People know Microsoft. They generally consider a Microsoft application “safe” for enterprise use. Enterprise has pretty much accepted the fact that, to be in business means to be on the web. But today, that’s no longer enough. The web is social and it is moving. Web 2.0 is not longer a trend; it’s an expectation. An enterprise that does not embrace this is walking the plank while tied to a cannon ball.

     – post by telecommatt

Believer it or not, you can actually build a social network for your enterprise for free. Thanks to Microsoft’s free Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) and free SQL Server 2005 Express database, you can design and deploy an entirely new collaborative intranet or social network for your company that features many of the hottest web 2.0 features such as wiki’s, blogs, RSS feeds, calendar sharing, document sharing and more. Not only is it all free, but it can all be setup and ready in just a couple of hours. I know because I’ve done it.

    One Response to “Matt’s Daily Diigo Post 02/11/2008”

    1. Hi Matt, thanks for the Kollecta mention. You’re right – it takes a lot of understanding people – especially in the collecting space, right down to the nitty-gritty of cataloguing their collections. Is it a toy? Some say yes. Is it a figurine or a doll also? Maybe. We need to be fluid enough for the users to slice and dice their info how they like, while at the same time providing enough rigidity for the database and web app to serve the info ASAP. A real challenge at times! The technology answer is out there as you say, we just have to coax it out 🙂

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