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Matt’s Daily Diigo Post 01/22/2009

Posted by telecommatt on January 21, 2009

  • Okay, I have to admit that Microsoft got something right with this one. This is pretty amazing! Pan, zoom, scroll, etc. around “the moment” Obama was inaugurated today through user-contributed photos pieced together to create a seamless 3D image.

    tags: photosynth, microsoft, Obama, inauguration

    • If you’ve been watching CNN’s coverage of Inauguration Day, one piece of technology that you might have noticed was Microsoft Photosynth, which allows you to navigate a collection of photos in 3D. To make it work, CNN asked users to submit photos of “the moment,” when Barack Obama was sworn in as President.
  • Could this be the One Media Player to Rule Them All? I haven’t messed around with Miro at all yet, but I’ve still got another eight or so hours before work and nothing to put off but sleeping…

    tags: software, open-source, miro, video, player

    • Miro is a free and open source Internet TV and video player. This player will play every video format under the sun, show HD content, tune in to video blogs, save YouTube videos and even download and show video files via BitTorrent. Miro can play MPEG, Quicktime, AVI, H.264, Divx, Windows Media, Flash Video, and almost every other major video format. Miro also has resume support, so that you can play the video from where you stopped it last time.
  • I feel like I’m seeing TrialPay EVERYWHERE lately! Anyhow, I highly recommend AdAware. The free version should suit most users.

    tags: lavasoft, adaware, malware, adware, spyware, antirootkit

  • tags: no_tag

    • Searched for JRR Tolkien (of Lord of the Rings fame). Site says “The closer two writers are, the more likely someone will like both of them. ” Love Douglas Adams. Can’t stand John Steinbeck. And WFT is Jane Austin doing there?! – post by telecommatt
    • The closer two writers are, the more likely someone will like both of them.
  • This looks like it could be really useful. Response time is quick, too, which is good because this would be FAIL if you had to sit and wait for your notes to catch during a meeting.

    tags: notetaking, notes

    • AyeNotes revolutionizes notetaking, using templates to automatically convert shorthand entries into full, readable notes. With AyeNotes, you can quickly take notes online and access them everywhere.
  • tags: no_tag

    • Probably just me, but I missed the point of this… – post by telecommatt

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