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Matt’s Daily Diigo Post 07/28/2009

Posted by telecommatt on July 27, 2009

  • After being a cable rep for 5+ years, I can tell you that the psychology tricks out there are mostly just annoying. Seriously. A phone rep isn’t a different species. They read watch the same TV, surf the same internets, and -guess what???- read the same LH posts as you do. As dumb-as-a-brick as some reps are, the ones that no one talks about are the majority who do their job just fine and leave you hanging up feeling like you have one more phone call you can check off your todo list. And you know there’s a share of dumb-as-a-brick people doing your job, too, so be careful when you generalize. I say this because, honestly, reps can tell if you START the conversation ASSUMING they’re an IDIOT.

    Here are a few things that can help make a good call:
    Be polite.
    Know what you want before you call.
    Have your account info with you.
    Know you’ll have time for the ENTIRE call.
    Don’t use flattery.
    Don’t use threats.
    Ask what you’re options are.
    Be reasonable.

    If you’re moderately well-behaved and a rep says they can’t help you, it’s rarely because they don’t want to help. Most companies penalize reps for extra long calls. They don’t want to spend time arguing with you; they need to take the next call. At the very least, they want to satisfy you so you’ll get off their phone. Most likely, if a rep can’t help you, you’re asking for the wrong thing, or you’re asking something they can’t give you. Phrasing your request in a way that allows the rep to look for creative solutions among the things that they CAN do for you may get you somewhere.

    As for the trick in question, again, don’t flatter! If it’s not a real, sincere compliment, save your breath. Also, asking for a supervisor’s name is a sure way to dampen the conversation, no matter what the circumstance. And it’s not always the supervisor who needs to hear it. Instead, try asking how you can go about giving them a good recommendation for their work. You’ll be directed to the right place without arousing suspicion, angst, and irritation.

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