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My take on tea, technology, and our environment


I’m a management information analyst, freelance writer, blogger, and concerned environmentalist. My background, academic & professional, is in the telecommunications industry. My interests include the internet, mobile services & application, WOS, web2.0, and the environment. I also have a passion for fine teas.

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10 Responses to “About”

  1. Hi Matt

    I found you bc you found me. many thanks for the link and plug. I noticed you was also concerned about the environment and I have another site that you might find some interesting stuff on.

    If you log in with user – *****, and password – ‘*****’ all will be free. PLEASE keep that confidential.

    Just another heads up, a site I just finished you will also find interesting (I hope) is, where users can make mini docs with images and narrations.

    I tried to make a little donation for you but you don’t take paypal and thats what I use online so sorry m8.

    I will hang about here for a while as I like what I see

    anyway best to you

  2. Bleu,

    Thanks so much for the sparking commentary! I’ll check out those other sites you recommend next time I’m at my PC. I took the liberty of removing the username and password from your post since you asked that these be kept confidential. (If you’d like them to remain visible so my other readers have access, email me at telecommatt at gmail dot com and I will correct this right away!) Thanks again for the comments and the attempted donation! You can be sure I’ll be reading StartUpCrunch regularly.



  3. hello

    no do pls keep those confidential đŸ˜‰

    Keep in touch,

  4. Lauren said

    Hi Matt,

    Came here by way of commenting on your GReader post…you seem interesting. đŸ™‚ I was intrigued by, as I am a fellow geek and environmentalist of sorts…what are your plans for that domain?

    Also, I love tea too!


  5. Hi Lauren,

    Thanks, I seem to get called interesting a lot, and sometimes it’s even meant as a compliment;) Between client projects, writing for eHub, and a new day job, I have had to push things off at the ecogeekified domain. I’m still looking at ways to make being an environmentally concerned geek useful to people– the original mission is not dead yet! I’d love to hear some thoughts and ideas if you have any.



  6. Lauren said


    I understand having to puts things off due to being busy. I’m much in the same boat. Working full time (though looking for another job), re-doing my website, editing a documentary, etc…..

    I adore the idea of ecogeekified…I’d have to hear more about your specific goals and intentions for the site before seeing what ideas I have, so please drop me a line anytime! lgalanter at gmail dot com. I’d love to be involved.

    I see you’re on LinkedIn too…mind if I add you to my network on it? I see you worked at Comcast for a while. I’ve been trying to get into the Philly branch for quite some time, actually.

  7. […] About […]

  8. Lauren,

    Yes, please add me to your LinkedIn network. And check your email, my response is there.



  9. urbanpixie said

    Just found you today & I like your style. & because I love saying “cuppa,” I’ll be back.

  10. Urbanpixie,

    Thanks for the note! Glad you liked what you saw here. Please feel free to share your insights, opinions, complaints, etc. on anything I post and I’ll do my absolute best to respond.



    And yeah, I wander around the house muttering “cuppa” sometimes too, just because it’s fun to say.

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