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Sclipo Launches Webcam-Based Tutoring Network

Posted by telecommatt on September 10, 2007

SclipoLive Uses Webcam for Online Tutoring Network

Sclipo, the European, how-to video network, has launched a new service for online teaching and learning.

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A Blizzard of Environmental Issues

Posted by telecommatt on March 3, 2007

That has got to be the most cliche title I’ve ever used! Thursday we had a snowstorm in true Minnesota style. A little late in the season for my taste, but it was actually rather nice being stranded at my parent’s place for the day. Between bundling up to uncover the sidewalks and drive every few hours, it gave me the opportunity to collect a handful of articles on environmental issues. I rather think the articles speak for themselves, so I won’t fill space without a ton of commentary. I do want to call attention especially to the last article about schools banning smoking both inside and out. I can’t tell you how great a step I think this is for two reasons. First, the whole secondhand smoke bit is hugely overlooked. Not to be offensive, but I chose not to smoke for my own reasons, so why should I have to smoke your cigs when you’re standing next to me? Second, and this really, really pisses me off, why must smokers throw their spent cigarettes on the ground when they’ve finished? Seriously, do you think it’s going to pick itself up and throw itself in the trash? They don’t just go away and a half-rotted butt on the ground is an ugly thing! And so many college campuses are beautiful places where students go to class surrounded by greenery. I’ve done the college thing. I know how ingrained smoking is in the fabric of college life. To ban smoking on any college campus will be a challenge. I believe that they cause is a good one, for health, for the environment, for the beauty of our surroundings, and for any future children I may have.

US CO2 emissions ‘violate rights’

A delegation of Inuit has travelled to Washington to argue that the US government’s climate change policies violate human rights.

Push to make consumers adopt energy-saving bulbs

The world’s three largest light-bulb makers today said they will push European consumers to switch to energy-saving bulbs in a bid to cut carbon dioxide emissions that are believed to contribute to global warming.

Genome sequencing reveals key to viable ethanol production

As the national push for alternative energy sources heats up, researchers at the University of Rochester have for the first time identified how genes responsible for biomass breakdown are turned on in a microorganism that produces valuable ethanol from materials like grass and cornstalks.

U.S. colleges going smoke-free

College campuses across the United States are going smoke-free, banning cigarettes inside and out.

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More on the what-should-I-do-with-my-life bit

Posted by telecommatt on October 25, 2006

What should I be when I "grow up"? | Ask MetaFilter

What should I be when I "grow up"? | Ask MetaFilter

  • This is another posting similar to the last. One of those, "What do I want out of my life?" type things. Seems like a theme of mine lately. This is a good conversation thread though; worth the read. – post by telecommatt
Based on my job skills, what should I go back to school and study, in order to have one of those "career" thingys?

I’ve recently come to the realization that my dream of being a working actor may be just that; a dream. I’m not giving up on my artistic pursuits; I’m just trying to rearrange my life in order to maximize my ability to earn money (that sounds better than “I’m giving up on my dreams and selling out to the man”).

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Posted by telecommatt on October 25, 2006

Call for Help: Hacking into the real world – Lifehacker

Call for Help: Hacking into the real world – Lifehacker

  • Life in order?? I didn’t realize that we were supposed to do that after college… Wow, I wish I had Lifehacker when I graduated! There is some pretty useful info here, even for those who are supposed to be well into the whole "life" thing. – post by telecommatt
Reader Amber needs help getting her post-college life in order:

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Webcast Berkeley

Posted by telecommatt on September 30, 2006

webcast.berkeley | Courses | Podcast Feeds

  • Podcasts from Berkeley. Haven’t checked any out yet, but looks promising! – post by telecommatt
webcast.berkeley > Courses > Podcast Feeds

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Learn Online

Posted by telecommatt on September 30, 2006

Technophilia: Get a free college education online – Lifehacker

  • WOW – I’m now wondering why I’m in debt up to my eyeballs with a degree that overqualifies me for my job… This is good stuff! – post by telecommatt

Not headed back to school this fall? You could be, minus the exorbitant tuition and without even leaving your chair.

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