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More On You Crossover Point

Posted by telecommatt on August 7, 2007

More about your crossover point, from Lifehacker.

Personal Finance: Determine your crossover point with the Investment Spreadsheet 2.0

from Lifehacker by Adam PashIn response to our post on the financial crossover point—the
point at which the proceeds from your investments exceeds your living
expenses—the Hackszine weblog has shared an investment
spreadsheet on Google Docs and Spreadsheets that helps you calculate
your crossover point (which they’re also referring to as FU money for
reasons I’ll assume you can figure out). Just plug in your income,
investment percentage, spending, and with a few other variables to get
a nice graph of your crossover point potential. You can easily change
variables to check out different saving scenarios, making this a great
tool for projecting investment schemes that can help motivate you to
actually save the money.

FU Money Calculator 2.0 template [Google Docs and Spreadsheets via Hackszine]

Powered by ScribeFire.

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Matt’s Daily Diigo Post 05/06/2007

Posted by telecommatt on May 6, 2007

Pdf on-line form filler, Pdf editor Annotated

  • This is a very cool tool that is going straight in my freelancing toolbox! I hate filling out forms because I ALWAYS spell something wrong. (Like my name, which I should know by now…) I usually scan them just in case I need a new copy. Now I can scan them, upload them, and quit filling the darn things in by hand!
    – post by telecommatt allows you to fill any PDF form on-line.

Organizers: Got bags? Make a plastic bag keeper – Lifehacker Annotated

  • This is really one of those “duh” ideas that I wish I’d thought of before my pantry floor filled up with perfectly useable and mostly unamanageable plastic bags.
    – post by telecommatt

At this moment, I probably have a good 100+ plastic bags underneath my kitchen sink. How-to site Curbly has a quick and dirty tutorial on how to make a plastic bag keeper that will help me take care of this mess.

Less Accounting :: track expenses & sales leads, create / send proposals & invoices Annotated

  • Less accounting is something I’d like to have more of!
    – post by telecommatt

  • We choose not to function, act or even smell like Peachtree or Quickbooks.
  • Wesabe is great, we just aren’t anything like it.
  • Freshbooks or Blinksale: we invoice, just no robust calendar time tracking functionality.
  • Not a robust CRM by any means, just check out Highrise by 37signals.
  • If you need a sales management component that is built for a large sales teams, try Salesforce.
  • We’re not an address book or a check registry.
  • No Calendar here, try iCal or Google Calendar.

  • Stream live events over the web for free. This seems like pretty big stuff! I’d love to play around with this more. Anyone else tried this yet?
    – post by telecommatt – Outsource Your Life…

  • I wish this had been around for my calculus homework…
    – post by telecommatt

Famiva : online genealogy and family social network with family tree, photos, stories, events, reminders, maps and more…

Famiva : online genealogy and family social network with family tree, photos, stories, events, reminders, maps and more… Annotated

  • This looks very well put together. I’m all about finding ways that families can use the internet together.
    – post by telecommatt

Welcome to the premier social network for families, a secure and password-protected
place for you and your relatives to connect and collaborate. Work together to build the family tree,
visualize the extended family network, share photos and stories, stay
current with family events and reminders, explore
family maps, and much more. Best of all, Famiva is completely free.

Event Wax | Web-Based Event Organization Lubrication Annotated

The easier, smarter way to organize special events, from conferences and workshops to parties, gigs, and receptions.

Bubble Guru Beta

  • This looks slick, interesting, and more than a little useful. I know someone I need to pass this onto!
    – post by telecommatt

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Matt’s Daily Diigo Post 04/15/2007

Posted by telecommatt on April 15, 2007

SQL Server Reference Guide > Becoming a DBA

    Database Journal: Daily Database News, Information and Tutorials for the Database Professional

    The Simple Dollar » Ten Financial Reasons To Turn Off Your Television – And Ten Things To Replace It With

      Spring-cleaning for your financial house | 1 | Money Magazine  Annotated

      • Good info about fixing up your finances. And another project for me to add to my lists.
         – post by telecommatt
      Five simple strategies will get your financial papers organized. Now’s your chance to end the chaos forever.

        Top hurricane forecaster calls Al Gore a gross alarmist –  Annotated

        • I cannot believe how outspoken and negative this guy is being about Gore and his message. Gore’s message may not be perfect, but so what? It’s calling attention to a problem we’ve been ignoring for 20 years. And if Gore is completely wrong about the cause and calamity of climate change, so what? Even if the world as we know it IS NOT about to end, at least we’re making the world a better and healthier place for our children. That’s enough for me to care about using less gasoline and getting rid of my incandescent lightbulbs.

           – post by telecommatt

        NEW ORLEANS — A top hurricane forecaster called Al Gore “a gross alarmist” for making an Oscar-winning documentary about global warming.

        “He’s one of these guys that preaches the end of the world type of things. I think he’s doing a great disservice and he doesn’t know what he’s talking about,” William Gray said in an interview Friday with The Associated Press at the National Hurricane Conference in New Orleans, where he delivered the closing speech.

          Nate Grondin – A Blog for Teachers » Blog Archive » Schools should use  Annotated

          • I have to say that I agree here. We just had six schools close locally due to lack of funding. The amount of money that schools would save if they switched to open source software would be significant, I’m sure. Can we really expect our world to get any better if we can’t afford to educate our children?

             – post by telecommatt

          School districts should switch to instead of paying all that money for MS Office. I use Writer as my main word processor, and it does everything I need it to do. School districts must pay somewhere between $50 and $100 for MS Office for each and every computer in the school.  Every time the school replaces those computers (usually every 2-4 years), there will probably be a “new” version of MS Office that has tons of “new” features that no one will use, but the school district will still pay for.    This adds up to a lot of money.

            Workspace – –

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              Matt’s Daily Diigo Post 04/14/2007

              Posted by telecommatt on April 14, 2007

              In a Filmdom Premiere, a Foe for Gore – New York Times  Annotated

                In a Filmdom Premiere, a Foe for Gore

                  Vermont roots for U.S. climate rallies – Climate Change –  Annotated

                    MONTPELIER, Vt. – A group of Middlebury College students looking to draw attention to global warming have sparked a national day of action beyond their wildest expectations: 1,350 actions planned Saturday across all 50 states.

                      Estimate, Invoice and Time Tracking Software for your business : Cashboard  Annotated

                        Estimates, Invoices and Time Tracking done right.

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                          Matt’s Daily Diigo Post 04/09/2007

                          Posted by telecommatt on April 9, 2007

                          ScienceDaily: Sugar Could Power IPods, Cell Phones And Other Electronics More Efficiently  Annotated

                            Science Daily Juicing up your cell phone or iPod may take on a whole new meaning in the future. Researchers at Saint Louis University in Missouri have developed a fuel cell battery that runs on virtually any sugar source — from soft drinks to tree sap — and has the potential to operate three to four times longer on a single charge than conventional lithium ion batteries, they say.

                     » Sustainable Cuppas: Kenya Tea Goes Climate Friendly  Annotated

                                NAIROBI – As the world tries to climate-proof everything from cars to factories, your cup of tea may be about to become a bit more environmentally friendly.

                                  Welcome to Simplifythis  Annotated

                                  SimplifyThis is an intuitive web-based service to easily invoice your customers and get paid faster online.
                                  No more forgotten invoices, no software to install and no help manuals to read. Use this from home, from the library, or from any other computer on the internet.

                                    Open Source Templates | Free CSS and XHTML Website Templates  Annotated

                                      Welcome to the best free css and xhtml open source template design showcase where the community gets to pick the best designs to be showcased on the front page.

                                        Comparison of online savings accounts – Lifehacker  Annotated

                                          The money savvy Get Rich Slowly blog has written up a quick and dirty comparison article on eleven different online savings accounts, from Countrywide to ING Direct.

                                            11 Tips to Ensure a Successful Web Design Process.  Annotated

                                              But if you hire designers, following the tips below will go a heck of a long way towards ensuring the design process is smooth and the quality of the designs will be very high.

                                                Manage and sign off documents online with Online Sign Off – Lifehacker  Annotated

                                                  Web site Online Sign Off attempts to surpass the arduous back and forth of contracts, agreements, and document approval by moving the process into the online realm.

                                                    Mix your own ringtones with Myxer – Lifehacker  Annotated

                                                      Make, mix, and share your own customized ringtones and wallpapers with Myxer, an easy to use site that offers you the chance to not only spin your own ringtone from your own music, but invites you to browse their sizeable catalog for material as well.

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                                                        Matt’s Daily Diigo Post 03/22/2007

                                                        Posted by telecommatt on March 22, 2007

                                                        lyro your online business card

                                                        Tutorz – Search of 9000+ tutors

                                                        GigaOM » Will Skype save Nokia Internet Tablets?



                                                        Query Language Understood by SQLite

                                                        PostgreSQL: Introduction and Concepts

                                                        Practical PostgreSQL


                                                        PostgreSQL: Documentation: Manuals: PostgreSQL 8.2: PostgreSQL 8.2.3 Documentation

                                                        Catalog of free database systems

                                                        Oracle releases free database – Enterprise Java Software Developer Station – Annotated

                                                        Oracle seems to have finally responded to the growing presence of free and open source databases in the small and mid-size segment. The Oracle site is now offering Oracle Database 10g Express Edition Beta Release for download on Windows and Linux.

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                                                        Matt’s Daily Diigo Post 03/21/2007

                                                        Posted by telecommatt on March 21, 2007

                                                        Web apps: from idea to launch by Blogging Pro

                                                        How to lower your credit card interest rate with a loan from Prosper – Lifehacker

                                                        PHP VIDEO TUTORIAL FOR WEB DESIGNERS

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                                                        Matt’s Daily Diigo Post 03/06/2007

                                                        Posted by telecommatt on March 6, 2007


                                                        The Geek’s Guide to Getting Free Stuff | The Free Geek

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                                                        Lenders Gone Wild! Never before have so many people owed so much $$

                                                        Posted by telecommatt on October 5, 2006

                                                        Wall Street is at an all-time top; apparently investors are as fearless, or as clueless… as consumers. That no one seems to register any fear is remarkable – given the catastrophic consequences of any misstep. Never before has there been so much debt…and never before have so many complicated, contradictory debt-backed investments been stretch

                                                        read more | digg story

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