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Freespire Ate My Drive Space

Posted by telecommatt on November 10, 2007

that’s it. my previously mentioned ubuntu experiment has been prematurely canceled. mostly because i got tired of not being able to multitask. running a live cd means that a good portion of the os is loaded into to ram. when you have an os designed to be a windows replacement, the os takes up a pretty sizable chunk of space. my machine was not happy that i was trying to run something that large in memory. strike one against me. strike two also came this week when i decided to install freespire on a donated pc without checking either disk space or ram. i think i was distracted because i remember being really really hungry. i was going for the most user friendly out of the box box that i could, and since fs links directly to cnr to download additional software, and major codecs are already in place, it seemed like a good idea at the time. until i discovered the reason the machine kept freezing- there’s something like 17kb of free space on the drive. huh, shoulda thoughta that… so, now i think i’ll replace fs with puppy linux instead. more set up required, but but it takes up much less space on the drive. any other thoughts out there?

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How Useful Is This?!

Posted by telecommatt on October 11, 2007

Twitter / chrisbrogan

My geek WANT just went off: (a wifi detecting tee shirt) yeah!

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Matt’s Cuppa List of Essential Firefox Extensions

Posted by telecommatt on October 8, 2007

I’ve decided to compile a list of the Firefox browser extensions that I currently use. It’s not a list of the best or most promising or guaranteed-to-increase-your-productivity extensions, it’s just the ones that make my life easier at the moment.

Over the past few years, Firefox has become an indispensable application on any machine I spend a fair amount of time at. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer can’t match the flexibility and security and Opera’s web browser, which I believe is actually a better browser, doesn’t support browser extensions in the same way that Firefox does.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve found myself needing the same Firefox browser extensions on three different machines. In the past, I’ve gotten around this by running PortableFirefox, a part of the equally-indispensable Suite, from a USB drive. This time around I’m not allowed to connect my USB drive. So, since I have to take stock of my extensions anyway, it looked like a great time to post an article. And, since it was by reading articles like this one that I found  many of these extensions, it seemed like a good time to give back. Feel free to add comments or contact me.

Advanced Eyedropper, ColorPicker, Page Zoomer and other colorful goodies…

I use the eyedropper most. Great designing themes. I hate having a million little applications installed on my machine when I can get the same functionality from a Firefox extension.

** Add persistent highlights and sticky notes to anywhere on any webpage…

I do a lot with Diigo. I am four Diigo bookmarks short of 1000. I use Diigo to create short blog posts and to manage my Daily auto-posts. And it’s all done through this extension.

you a relevant Wikipedia article along with your search results.
Clicking links in the article will trigger new Google searches, making
it a very useful research tool…

I love this one! Search Wikipedia and Google at the same time. Do a Google search and on one side are your search results and on the other side is a Wikipedia article, if one’s available. If it can’t find a Wikipedia article for your search it comes up with some pretty strange stuff though.

Allows you to customize the way a webpage displays using small bits of JavaScript. …

I only use this for a few sites. This is a massively useful and flexible tool though. Libraries upon libraries of scripts to use with it as well.

quickest and easiest way to get things done on the Web: Search,
References, Conversion, Translation , Shopping, Blogging, Tagging,
Email & more in a single click. Over 200 quick commands available.

I wasn’t originally going to put this one on the list. I use it for only a handful of the apparently 200 some commands.

you ever wished you could add your two cents to a site—anywhere
you wanted—not just in the itty bitty blog area?
Have you ever wished you could email a web page with your comments
inside it?

This is a really great tool for commenting on long articles and blog posts. You comment inline so it’s always relevant. Any page you comment on has a permalink that you can post or email.

(previously Performancing for Firefox) is a full-featured blog editor
that integrates with your browser and lets you easily post to your blog.

ScribeFire is like an app inside an app. I use this extension for nearly all of my blog posts. It opens at the bottom of your browser screen and support drag and drop from the browser window to the ScribeFire pane.

brings the functionality into your browser. It takes
a long URL as input, and gives you a short URL to use in it’s…

A must have to Twitter, Facebook, etc. It eats big ugly URLs and spits out little short ones. Right mouse click on an URL and it can copy it’s TinyUrl into your clipboard.

Post to Twitter from your address bar

Twitterbar has a neat feature where if you Twitterbar hit the icon on the right side of your address bar, it’ll post “Currently browsing <whatever site you’re browsing>.

Google Gears (BETA)

Google Gears is an open source browser extension that lets developers create web applications that can run offline.

The reason I use this extension is so that I can view my Remember the Milk tasks offline.

Zoho Notebook plugin

Zoho Notebook

I’m just getting started with Zoho Notebook. I love the Zoho products, but there’s just so many of them that it’s hard to actually use all of them. Zoho Notebook is like the Adobe Photoshop of online note taking apps. It does pretty much everything, which means it can be almost overwhelming. This extension makes it easier to manage though.

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Web 3.0 And Beyond From ConsultGlobal

Posted by telecommatt on October 6, 2007

Web 3.0 And Beyond « consultaglobal

The point being, for a 3.0 release to deliver a disruptive rather than just a transformational innovation, there is now a need for cross-pollinating based on a multi-disciplinar

Just came across this fascinating look at the progression to ‘web 3.0’. I’m always impressed with the quality of the posts I find on the ConsultGlobal blog. This is a good read, but take some time and digest it afterwards. I’d like you hear some of your thoughts!

Somethings I wonder are:

  • How can ‘web 3.0’ embrace the physical environment?
  • Can it be made aware of threats like scarce resources and environmental pollution?
  • Will this newer version help us to make sense of our impact our environment?
  • What are the correlations between the semantic web and our own global ecosystem?

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Is Web 2.0 Changing The Digital Divide?

Posted by telecommatt on October 6, 2007

Today I found a really interesting commentary by Thomas Scovell, and there was one paragraph in particular that intrigued me.

And maybe we don’t have a computer in every home or on every desk
yet. But when they do get online these people are using it in much more
radical and revolutionary ways. And its because, not in-spite of, their
lack of recognition or power during the mass-media era. The strength of
community, oral traditions and the like are what are being pulled into
their use of the Internet.

I live in a community that’s about as diverse as you can get in the upper midwestern United States. Actually, we have very strong immigrant populations here from all over the world. In the last decade, the number of languages I hear on the streets has exploded.

I don’t have strong ties to any of these communities. I’m just an observer. But what I’ve observed is exactly what Thomas writes about in his post. I can sit on the train in the morning and hear three or four languages being spoken on any given day. And they’re being spoken into mobile phones. They’re taking pictures and videos of their friends. I hear the words ‘Google’ and ‘Facebook’ and ‘YouTube’. And when I don’t hear anything, it’s because they are quietly sending someone a text message.

I know there’s a Digital Divide out there. It’s unfortunate. I think that our current economy pretty much guarantees that this will be the case for the foreseeable future. But I think that the trends we call ‘web 2.0’ are lowering the barriers of accessibility that were a serious problem with the World Wide Web from the beginning. Costs are declining and more people, immigrant and not, are finding the internet relevant to their lives. I think that anyone who calls the internet, and ‘web 2.0’ in particular, an exclusive domain of the 20-something-white-male needs to step outside their airconditioned office and walk the streets.

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286 Geeks on a Cruise Ship

Posted by telecommatt on September 24, 2007

This is truly must-see footage!

Geeks on Board – Pogue and Wozniak go cruising

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Unlike Girls Gone Wild on a cruise during spring break, Geeks on Board is
a much more tame documentary of 286 rabid geeks all together, enjoying
themselves on a cruise in the Caribbean. There’s no nudity, but you can
tell they’re having a great time in their very own way. Rather than
hang out on the beach in a lounge chair with an ice chest and Coronas
like other mortals, geeks prefer to stay in the shade, far from the
water’s edge so they can maximize their internet connection.This film features cameos of David Pogue, Steve Wozniak, and more of your favorite geeks.

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Google, NASA Set to Take Over the Entire Known Universe?

Posted by telecommatt on August 22, 2007

Okay, I’m really seriously impressed by Google Sky. It’s incredible! When I was a kid I was fascinated by the fact that a telescope could show you what the moon really looked like. Look how far we’ve come! These are actual NASA images that you can interact with. Forget social networking for a moment– It’s these sorts of things that make the internet such an amazing thing, and it’s these things that are the reason that we have to do everything we can to make the internet available to kids and families and teachers everywhere.

Google Sky Launches – 200 Million Galaxies on Your Desktop

No, it’s not April 1st: Google really has launched a service called Sky that lets you explore the heavens from within Google Earth.
You get a 3D view of all the constellations viewable from earth, and
you can explore them in 3D. 100 million stars and 200 million galaxies
are included.
Amazingly, the imagery is stitched together from more than 1 million
images, with contributions from the Hubble Space Telescope. That
shouldn’t be surprising, since Google and NASA have already worked together on images that show the earth from space.
Of course, what you really want are screenshots. Here they are:


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Matt’s Cuppa Tech Tip: Switch Windows User Accounts from a Command Prompt

Posted by telecommatt on August 18, 2007

Credit goes to Lifehacker for this one. I’ve been having problems with
WinXP hanging when trying to switch users lately, so this is
particularly useful right now.

Windows Tip: Switch user accounts from the Command Prompt

You can switch users from the Windows Command Prompt without logging
off—if say, you need to access folders or files for another
Windows user account. Reader PiE writes in explaining the process.

1. Quit explorer.exe
2. Open Command Prompt
3. Navigate to C:\WINDOWS\system32
4. Enter the following command: runas /user:*computer name\*account name explorer.exe

Make sure you are cognizant of which user is logged in because this
process will not change the Windows theme when the user changes. Thanks, PiE!

Runas [Microsoft XP Professional Product Documentation]

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How to Buy a Domain Name that Doesn’t Suck

Posted by telecommatt on August 18, 2007

I think that a lot of people who are just getting on the net or just doing so seriously don’t have any idea that the domain name they’d like to use should go through a background investigation. To many, once they find the name they like, the game is over and they’ve won. It really has to be more like buying a house. You have to know, the neighbors, the neighborhood, proximity to freeways, schools, municipal services, and so on. I don’t actually agree with the reasoning behind each one of these suggestions, but I highly recommend reading this article. You can find the article with my comments here.

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Roll Your Own Bobbleheads With JibJab’s “Starring You”

Posted by telecommatt on August 10, 2007

A bit of Friday fun. This was just too good to pass up. For all it’s silliness, I can foresee using this to create social, political, and environmental statements that people actually pay attention to. Imagine bringing into a classroom a skit with about saving electricity starring their teacher  as a bobblehead!

JibJab’s ‘Starring You!’ is the greatest office time-waster in history

from by Caroline McCarthyTrust me–I know procrastination. But this one really takes the cake.

JibJab, as you
probably know already, made a name for itself by creating corny (yet
socially relevant) musical skits that superimposed the heads of
politicians and celebrities onto cartoon bodies. Now that
user-generated content is nothing new, it almost seems overdue that
JibJab would introduce a “make your own” feature. But now, at long
last, here it is: “JibJab Starring You!”

The concept, at least according to the creators, is to JibJab
yourself by uploading a photo, easily crop it with the Flash-based
tools to make a bobblehead-like image, and then revel at the absurdity
of watching yourself dance the Charleston.

But don’t let that fool you. The real purpose of “Starring You!” is
to dig up photos of your boss and put them into any number of the dorky
dance videos. As a bonus, most of them require two dancers, so you can
use the likenesses of multiple co-workers–or choose from a small
library of celebrity heads that range from Donald Trump to Barack Obama.

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