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Is Web 2.0 Changing The Digital Divide?

Posted by telecommatt on October 6, 2007

Today I found a really interesting commentary by Thomas Scovell, and there was one paragraph in particular that intrigued me.

And maybe we don’t have a computer in every home or on every desk
yet. But when they do get online these people are using it in much more
radical and revolutionary ways. And its because, not in-spite of, their
lack of recognition or power during the mass-media era. The strength of
community, oral traditions and the like are what are being pulled into
their use of the Internet.

I live in a community that’s about as diverse as you can get in the upper midwestern United States. Actually, we have very strong immigrant populations here from all over the world. In the last decade, the number of languages I hear on the streets has exploded.

I don’t have strong ties to any of these communities. I’m just an observer. But what I’ve observed is exactly what Thomas writes about in his post. I can sit on the train in the morning and hear three or four languages being spoken on any given day. And they’re being spoken into mobile phones. They’re taking pictures and videos of their friends. I hear the words ‘Google’ and ‘Facebook’ and ‘YouTube’. And when I don’t hear anything, it’s because they are quietly sending someone a text message.

I know there’s a Digital Divide out there. It’s unfortunate. I think that our current economy pretty much guarantees that this will be the case for the foreseeable future. But I think that the trends we call ‘web 2.0’ are lowering the barriers of accessibility that were a serious problem with the World Wide Web from the beginning. Costs are declining and more people, immigrant and not, are finding the internet relevant to their lives. I think that anyone who calls the internet, and ‘web 2.0’ in particular, an exclusive domain of the 20-something-white-male needs to step outside their airconditioned office and walk the streets.

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site link for full coverage of minneapolis bridge collapse

Posted by telecommatt on August 2, 2007

this site offers the most comprehensive coverage i’ve found of the minneapolis bridge collapse: (you’ll have to copy and paste since i can’t post hyperlinks from my mobile phone, sorry!)

Now that I’m sitting at a PC and I can add HTML tags, you can find this site here.

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Bridge Collapse: Video Footage

Posted by telecommatt on August 1, 2007

WCCO posted four minutes of unedited video footage on their website. I can’t believe the damage. The local FOX network has a number of videos posted as well. Personally, I’ve seen about all I can handle. Pray for these people.

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Major Bridge Collapse in Minneapolis Tonight

Posted by telecommatt on August 1, 2007

This horrible accident happened just this evening and rescue efforts are still under way. I was so shocked when I heard about this! What do you say when someone tells you that something like this just occurred right out your back door? I guess there’s nothing you can say– you just sit there and think about all the people that won’t make it home tonight. Please, please keep these people in your thoughts and prayers.

Bridge Collapse

More Photos – I-35W Bridge Collapse Into Mississippi River

I-35W Bridge Collapse Into Mississippi River(WCCO) Minneapolis The Interstate 35W Mississippi River bridge near University Avenue has collapsed into the river.

Both the northbound and southbound lanes of 35W are lying in the Mississippi River.

There are multiple cars in the river and a couple cars on fire. According to one witness, there was a school bus full of children on the bridge.

Cars are still on the bridge.

Tons of concrete have collapsed and people are injured. Survivors are being carried up the riverbank.

Some people are stranded on parts of the bridge that aren’t completely in the water.

A tractor-trailer is on fire at the collapse scene.

Some cars are still precariously perched on the bridge. Sections of the bridge are mangled, some are pointing up in the air and some are in the river.

“It is just horrific,” said witness Marilyn Franzen, who saw the bridge collapse. Franzen said she saw a school bus that managed to stop before the going over the edge of the bridge that she said was carrying 20-30 children.

According to witnesses, cars are crushed and mangled under the bridge where it collapsed onto the shore of the river. Street signs also crushed cars.

The road has been under construction since the beginning of the summer.

Stay tuned to and WCCO-TV for more information on this breaking news story.

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