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Yet Another iPod Touch Post: I’ve Been Converted!

Posted by telecommatt on September 5, 2007

I have not bought an Apple product since about 1985, and even, it was my dad that bought it because my allowance was only a dollar a week. However, after today’s iPod Touch announcement, I will openly admit that I want one! What changed my mind? Integrated wi-fi. Although it’s basically an phoneless iPhone, this is still serious business. You’re telling me that I can carry my music and access my web apps on the same device? And that it’s software is upgradeable through a software push so it’s likely that there will be new apps added in the future? Plus it’s got the multitouch screen and over 20 hours of battery life. Sold!

iPod touch Web

Tom Krazit from CNET’s Crave blog did a really nice live-from-the-event post (which is where I got the photo from) with down to the minute details. Check out his post and my thoughts here.

Note: You have to read my annotations from the bottom up, since that is how the timeline runs. You’ll see when you get there.

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What Alan Graham Doesn’t See

Posted by telecommatt on June 13, 2007

First off, I’d better begin by saying that I enjoy reading Alan Graham’s Web 2.0 Explorer blog over at ZDNet. Also, I’m not a Palm user. I’ve toyed with them and never really felt like they worked the way I did. I do, however, have to take issue with Alan Graham’s assessment of Palm’s new product, the Foleo:

Sell your stock yet?

Once the shining pioneer that took Apple’s idea of mobile
computing and scaled it to fit in your pocket, now the company that
can’t seem to figure out what they make or who they are. This
week they announced their stellar new product, the Foleo fake laptop.

Seriously…this is a joke, right?

If you take a moment to view the presentation on Palm’s site, and I mean the full presentation, you get a pretty clear picture of where Palm founder Jeff Hawkins is going with this thing. And I’ve got to say, I think that he’s right. Smartphones are already becoming our communications hub. It’s with you all the time. You go home and sync it with your computer. You go to work and sync it there. And you sync it with your laptop when you travel. And by now, it’s got three quarters of the capability that your laptop has, plus it probably houses half your mp3 collection and photos of your last vacation.

My thought is that Hawkins sees a future where we work by proximity. We put our handset with range of some device and all our information is available to us on that device.

Yeah…sometimes you do want a full keyboard or screen…but
are you really going to spend that much money to supplement your phone?

What Graham doesn’t seem to get is that this is not a “supplement” for your phone. This is the future of your laptop. Face it. Your laptop is a brick that is full of features that you never use. This is exactly why, when my IBM Transnote died, I bought a Nokia 770 Internet Tablet instead. I examined the way I used my last machine and realized that I didn’t need all the “stuff” that the manufactures try to sell you on. And now that I’ve bought a device that hosts just the features that I need to do my job, I’m suddenly a lot more productive. Imagine that!

Right now the market for this sort of device is slim. Compare it to the internet table market or the UMPC market. But companies are investing because there is a future to these markets. Hawkins makes it clear that the Foleo is a product line, not an accessory. I see being able to walk up to a desk, or a kiosk, or a podium anywhere, and having your vital information at your fingertips with little or no effort on your part. I’m not quite certain what Graham sees.

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Matt’s Daily Diigo Post 03/31/2007

Posted by telecommatt on March 31, 2007

Curry Rice

    How To Green Your Electronics (TreeHugger)

      You Are What You Watch: Online Video and TV Channels – Pyro.TV

      • Pretty cool site. Video site that lets you save channels and keep video clips in a Journal. The site also lets you download or link to the embedded video. These are vodcast-type video’s from places like Rueters, CNET, and others. Some pretty good stuff. The site is fast loading and the layout it clean. I like it!
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      Organize your home by adding “stations” – Lifehacker  Annotated

        Professional organizer Lorie Marrero says that the secret to effective home organization is having “stations”–one for communication, one for administration and so on.

 – Project Energy: Ex-Greenpeacer Supports Nuclear

            MoMB: Talkr

            • Is this a way to set up quick free conference calls?
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            garage: maemo-todo: Project Info

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              Matt’s Daily Diigo Post 03/22/2007

              Posted by telecommatt on March 22, 2007

              lyro your online business card

              Tutorz – Search of 9000+ tutors

              GigaOM » Will Skype save Nokia Internet Tablets?



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              PostgreSQL: Documentation: Manuals: PostgreSQL 8.2: PostgreSQL 8.2.3 Documentation

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              Oracle releases free database – Enterprise Java Software Developer Station – Annotated

              Oracle seems to have finally responded to the growing presence of free and open source databases in the small and mid-size segment. The Oracle site is now offering Oracle Database 10g Express Edition Beta Release for download on Windows and Linux.

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              Samsung Q2 UMPC revealed! – Engadget

              Posted by telecommatt on March 7, 2007

              Samsung Q2 UMPC revealed! – Engadget

              OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!! This is my dream gadget! I’m totally into the mobile computing thing, hence my little Nokia 770, but this is where mobile computing has been going for years! I’d dearly love to try this gem side by side with Sony’s new Viao. These two machines prove to the world that you can fit the power of a full size PC in your hand without sacrificing usability. Check out this post off Engadget – they’ve even got a sweet little gallery of sneak preview pics. Excuse me while I wipe the dro0l from my keyboard…

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              Sick of AJAX Login Screens

              Posted by telecommatt on February 15, 2007

              This is my WTF of the day. AJAX login screens. I’m getting really, really tired of seeing AJAX login screens. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an AJAX-hater. When used well, it adds tremendous functionalty to a site. Reducing page loads means a more responsive website and less server-stress, especially on large sites. But contrary to popular belief, there are still people out there who use a browser that gets seriously pissed off when it encounters AJAX. Consider, too, the growing number of people accessing the internet from their mobile phones. The mobile web is not a seperate internet! And then there’s me. I do much of my posting from Nokia 770 Internet Tablet. Well, most of my internet use on my Nokia. After all, it’s an INTERNET tablet. It just so happens that, even though I’m using a relatively robust version of Opera web browser, I can’t make full use of AJAX scripting. Specifically, I can’t log into any site using an AJAX login script. And they keep popping up everywhere! What is up people? Accessability 101! Why on God’s rapidly warming earth would you use a script that excludes people from your site?? Believe me, no one cares if your login page doesn’t magically slide away if you enter your password correctly. More beautiful to me is a nice simple HTML form that lets me in to see the good stuff. The KISS theory has always been the glue that’s held the internet together, mostly because, as a programmer, you are never sure what the capabilities of the end user’s device will be. As far as I know, AJAX-laden programmers are not excluded from this. I end with a plea: People, let me in! Don’t leave me at the door scratching for HTML! If you MUST create an AJAX login to your site, code an alternate HTML login page for the sanity of all involved. We’re hearing more and more about Web3.0 and are seeing some hazy outlines of web4.0 already. No one is really sure what’s coming down the pipe, but no matter what I seem to read, it’s all still going to be based on humble HTML coding.

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