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Weekend Project: Roll Your Own Bread

Posted by telecommatt on October 12, 2007

Weekend Project: Bake Your Own No-Knead Bread – Lifehacker

A "no-knead" bread recipe published in the NY Times last year is a super-simple method for even the biggest bread-baking newbs.


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Roll Your Own Bobbleheads With JibJab’s “Starring You”

Posted by telecommatt on August 10, 2007

A bit of Friday fun. This was just too good to pass up. For all it’s silliness, I can foresee using this to create social, political, and environmental statements that people actually pay attention to. Imagine bringing into a classroom a skit with about saving electricity starring their teacher  as a bobblehead!

JibJab’s ‘Starring You!’ is the greatest office time-waster in history

from by Caroline McCarthyTrust me–I know procrastination. But this one really takes the cake.

JibJab, as you
probably know already, made a name for itself by creating corny (yet
socially relevant) musical skits that superimposed the heads of
politicians and celebrities onto cartoon bodies. Now that
user-generated content is nothing new, it almost seems overdue that
JibJab would introduce a “make your own” feature. But now, at long
last, here it is: “JibJab Starring You!”

The concept, at least according to the creators, is to JibJab
yourself by uploading a photo, easily crop it with the Flash-based
tools to make a bobblehead-like image, and then revel at the absurdity
of watching yourself dance the Charleston.

But don’t let that fool you. The real purpose of “Starring You!” is
to dig up photos of your boss and put them into any number of the dorky
dance videos. As a bonus, most of them require two dancers, so you can
use the likenesses of multiple co-workers–or choose from a small
library of celebrity heads that range from Donald Trump to Barack Obama.

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Found a new blog « What I mean is…

Posted by telecommatt on July 12, 2007

 Found a new blog this morning while trolling my incoming links. There doesn’t appear to be any info about the blogger, but I love the last sentence of the About page since I can totally relate. Thanks for the link love, whoever you are!

About my blog « What I mean is…
Random thoughts from across the spectrum from sports to politics to religion. I really want to be an expert on something, just not sure what…

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How My Mom Gets the Grit Off

Posted by telecommatt on July 8, 2007

This is a lifehack straight from my mom. We get a majority of our veggies from Easy Bean Farm, a local CSA. It’s a really cool setup. During the summer months we get a weekly delivery of fresh veggies and greens, and a few good recipes to try with the ingredients of the week. While the veggies are rinsed before they arrive, they often have a bit of soil and grit left over from their trip from the fields. If you’re not careful with your salad, you’ll run into the occasional jarring “crunch” from a left over bit of grit.

I don’t know why, but I hate washing salad greens. It’s time consuming, and I’m not really patient enough. Enter my mother. She’s a very smart lady. Instead of running her greens under the faucet like I’ve been doing all along, she puts them into a bowl and adds enough water to cover the greens. Then she goes off and does something else for a bit. When she comes back, the heavier grit and soil has fallen to the bottom of the bowl. She gives the leaves a little swish to make sure and straggling sand is removed before she takes them out of the bowl. That’s it. Zero effort, less wasted water, (Incidentally, when she does this, she saves the water for her plants.) and cleaner crunch-free salads. Thanks, mom!

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I Think I’m Off to See the Wizard

Posted by telecommatt on July 8, 2007

We are under one of the most bizarre storms right now. It’s been in the 90’s and humid as you wouldn’t believe for the past few days. Now we’re sitting in our living room looking out at a grey-green sky and listening to the thunder. The thunder has been constant for at least the last twenty minutes. I’m not talking one boom followed by another. I’m talking one continuous roll of thunder overhead. Seriously. It sounds like a jetliner in the air above us; just one long continuous roll. And the lightning is pretty cool too. Looks sort of like a giant strobe light in my backyard. I wonder if I’ll still be able to blog from Oz?

Radar Image

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StumbleUpon Thyself

Posted by telecommatt on July 1, 2007

I’m in the process of resurrecting my StumbeUpon profile, which I haven’t logged into in years. It seems funny to say that StumbleUpon is that old, but yeah, it’s been probably two years since I last used my account there. There’s a part of the profile section that asks your personality type with Myers-Briggs type answers in the drop-down menu. Next to it is a link to a site where you can take what they call a Jung personality test. At something like 45 questions, it’s a heck a lot shorter than the Myers-Briggs. You can see my results and find the link to the test at the bottom of the right hand column of my blog.

Introverted (I) 67.65% Extroverted (E) 32.35%
Intuitive (N) 67.57% Sensing (S) 32.43%
Thinking (T) 66.67% Feeling (F) 33.33%

Perceiving (P) 54.84% Judging (J) 45.16%

My results here were very similar to results I’ve received when I’ve taken the Myers-Briggs in the past. The first three indicators always end up being the same: I,N,T. The last indicator seems to vary depending on the day, how high the sun is, what I’ve had for breakfast, or some other obviously important element of my life at the time. You can see how close to equal they are. That’s normal for me.

I guess this goes to show that you can’t just box a person in and say that they are this predefined thing. We’re more complicated than that. We’re human, and that introduces a complexity that masquerades as randomness at times. It reinforces that fact that we’re never really though knowing someone– including ourselves.

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After the fact: Found a website with pretty good descriptions of the MB personality types. You can read more about INTP’s here:

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Matt’s Daily Diigo Post 06/23/2007

Posted by telecommatt on June 23, 2007

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