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Melting Sex Toys Are Bad

Posted by telecommatt on October 24, 2007


The Smitten Kitten in Minneapolis is one of the adult toy retailers which has stopped selling certain kinds of toys because of questions about the chemicals used to make them.

In an odd sort of menage a trois, this week’s Environment Report, which I mentioned here, did a segment on dangerous chemicals in sex toys, which I posted about here, in which they interview one of the owners of local Minneapolis environmentally-concerned sex shop, The Smitten Kitten. Did you get all that? Anyway, listen to the podcast. And tell a friend. It’s a subject that needs more attention.

And check out the photo of the melting jelly toys from the slideshow. And you’d want to put that where??

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Love-making gets green light from adult stores

Posted by telecommatt on March 7, 2007

Love-making gets green light from adult stores

You’ve heard of green cars, green tourism and green weddings. Now Canadians should ready themselves for green sex.
For those who like to make love to the soundtrack of the global warming documentary An Inconvenient Truth, Greenpeace has released a list of strategies for “getting it on for the good of the planet,” suggesting “you can be a bomb in bed without nuking the planet.” TreeHugger, an online magazine edited by Ontario’s Michael Graham Richard, has just published a guide on “how to green your sex life.” The famed adult store Good Vibrations announced last week they would no longer sell sex toys containing phthalates, controversial chemical plasticizers believed by some to be hazardous to humans and the environment alike.

Okay, no commentary on my part this time. I just had to pass this along for the sheer unadulterated pleasure!!

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