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Why Sprint Is Raising The Stress Level In My Life

Posted by telecommatt on November 12, 2007

My phone strikes again… In the beginning, there was the picture mail issue. When I send someone a pic, I’m never sure which pic they’ll get. Sometimes it’s the right one. Sometimes not. Mostly not. Sprint was never able to fix it and I gave up trying.

Then it began randomly crashing and restarting. And the startup time began to increase. A minute, two minutes, five minutes. My PC starts up quicker than my phone.

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Last week I tried to send a pic, hoping it sent the right one for once, and a message popped up: Fatal Error. Good, now I can’t send the wrong pic anymore because I can’t send pictures at all! I thought that was bad, but last Friday I tried to record some video and another message popped up: Recording failed. Sweet! If I look at the features that now work properly, I would have been better off taking the bloody free handset that was offered when I signed up!

So, I called Sprint and asked if they could walk me through a software reset. The lady flat out told me no. (Which is odd, because I’ve done this with them over the phone before in order to prove that my picture mail was zonked.) She sent me to a Sprint repair store. At the store, the guy tried all sorts of behind-the-counter tricks, but my phone apparently won’t accept a factory reset. Seems strange, but he’s the expert, so I’ll do as he says. He informed me that I need to visit a Sprint service center instead. I gather that they’re going to rip my phone apart and perform some sort of surgery on it.

Why not just get a new phone? Because Sprint offers existing customers a paltry $75 discount on a new phone. WTF?! That’s like asking me to switch carriers rather than stay with you, because I can go out and get a better phone for the same mediocre service and pay less money! I’ve got a decent background in business and I’m trying to understand the business reasons behind such a slap-in-the-face policy, and I can’t.

Okay, end of rant. Now, I just have to find the time to get to the service center during the business day, on a day when I won’t need my phone. Oh, that’s right! I don’t have days when I don’t need my phone! Frickin’ Sprint!

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