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Great NY Times Revew Of The XO Laptop

Posted by telecommatt on November 12, 2007

One Laptop Per Child | New York Times Video

David Pogue reviews the $100 laptop.

Great review. If you’re interested in one for yourself, you have until November 26th…

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Comcast’s Packet Forging Opens An Uncertain Future For Broadband Access

Posted by telecommatt on October 22, 2007

Comcast traffic blocking: even more apps, groupware clients affected

Instead of passing the legitimate e-mail through its network, Comcast’s traffic monitoring tool (likely Sandvine) is sitting in the middle, imitating both ends of the connecti

Personally, I feel that Comcast offers the best product (assuming everything is working properly) that is available in my area. I’m no longer a customer, but I was very happy with the company when I was. However, I am getting more and more disturbed the more I hear about Comcast’s packet forging.

While I understand the need to keep illegal content from being passed over their network, I fear the growing trend of controlling the content that is being passed. Is it really up to Comcast’s discretion? How long will it be before we need Comcast’s permission to use a certain protocol on their network? Will we soon see a ‘protocol blacklist’ posted in the Comcast user help section of

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Mechanical Turk Claims Progress, But the Search Goes On

Posted by telecommatt on September 15, 2007

Steve Fossett Search: Amazon Mechanical Turk Finds Leads

There has now been an update on how the search is going, and it seems there have been some interesting leads

I mentioned Steven Fossett and the Amazon Mechanical Turk previously, and seems to have been some progress, even though the search continues.

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Help Find a Millionaire

Posted by telecommatt on September 9, 2007

Amazon Helps in Search for Steve Fossett

Steve Fossett, the millionaire adventurer, has been missing for days and now Amazon Mechanical Turk is being used to aid in the search.

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Yet Another iPod Touch Post: I’ve Been Converted!

Posted by telecommatt on September 5, 2007

I have not bought an Apple product since about 1985, and even, it was my dad that bought it because my allowance was only a dollar a week. However, after today’s iPod Touch announcement, I will openly admit that I want one! What changed my mind? Integrated wi-fi. Although it’s basically an phoneless iPhone, this is still serious business. You’re telling me that I can carry my music and access my web apps on the same device? And that it’s software is upgradeable through a software push so it’s likely that there will be new apps added in the future? Plus it’s got the multitouch screen and over 20 hours of battery life. Sold!

iPod touch Web

Tom Krazit from CNET’s Crave blog did a really nice live-from-the-event post (which is where I got the photo from) with down to the minute details. Check out his post and my thoughts here.

Note: You have to read my annotations from the bottom up, since that is how the timeline runs. You’ll see when you get there.

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Palm Foleo Dies, Long Live the Foleo

Posted by telecommatt on September 5, 2007

I’m a bit disappointed about this news. Palm is evidently nixing its Foleo product due to expensive bug fixes and lack of public reaction. I rather liked the idea behind the Foleo. Why carry a computer with you when 80% of the time you only use 20% of its capability? I actually would welcome the idea of computers being replaced by component machines that speak with each other. I posted about the Foleo earlier.

Palm Foleo Dies After 3 Months

A few months after its introduction, the Palm Foleo has been canceled in its first generation.
With the amount of software-related bug fixes that were to delay the
launching of the Foleo until September or October, Palm CEO Ed Colligan
decided to cancel the entire project instead. You’ll remember
that the Foleo was met with a large amount of dismay, as the smart
phone companion offered an expensive way to type and send email on the
go. See the initial write up here.
With this canceling of the project, the company can refocus its
attention to the ongoing building of a better platform for the Treo,
improving the existing line of smart phones the company is known for,
including the newest version of the Palm OS, which is now Linux-based.
Even with the death of the Foleo First Generation, a Foleo II is still
in the works. Hopefully this will be better priced and more practical. Microsoft, which is rumored to be in talks with BlackBerry for an acquisition, and Google are both ramping up their mobile efforts as well.

[via CNET]

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Could More Efficient Processors Help Save Our Planet?

Posted by telecommatt on September 4, 2007

A friend of mine forwarded me an article looking at the power efficiency of Intel and AMD processors. The article is interesting in that it points out how correctly configuring your machine maximizes its efficiency. There’s an environmental side here too. More efficient machines use less energy. Data centers full of efficient machines could play a large role in a company’s role in protecting the environment. Less energy use = less carbon being spit into the air. In today’s data-driven world, this efficiency goes further than short-term cost savings. Maybe it’s time we hear more sales presentations based on environmental savings instead of dollar savings.

Thanks, Paul!

Please read the article, along with my thoughts, here.

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Matt’s Cuppa LinkRoundup for 7-11-07

Posted by telecommatt on July 11, 2007

Web Analytics and Google

Google Analytics,
is a great, free tool to help you better understand where you traffic
is coming from, what keywords are generating traffic and even how your
landing pages are converting.

Great article on the ins and outs of Google Analytics

OnStar teams with Red Cross for location-based disaster info

new Crisis Assist capabilities will not only provide access to
“specially trained crisis advisers” that can contact emergency
responders and provide real-time updates to the situation(s) at hand,
but subscribers that can actually drive away from the disaster will be
routed to the nearest established shelter. Additionally, frantic
customers can be connected
to friends and family that they have listed as close to their heart on
the American Red Cross Safe and Well website, and public safety
officials can be notified of a request for help and track down that
person’s location using OnStar’s embedded GPS.

Uber-Eco-Towers: Top 10 Green Skyscrapers

Green skyscrapers offer so much for the average “EcoGeek” to drool
over. Each one can contain hundreds of innovations that make the world
a cleaner place, they build up, rather than out, and many of them are
freaking gorgeous. Here are the top 10.

Startup Tips Day 6: Sumaya Kazi from

Sumaya’s Tips

  1. Surround yourself with people smarter than yourself. It can only breed success.
  2. While having a start-up you and everyone else on your core team
    must have a PhD mentality. That is, of course, to be poor, hungry and
  3. More often than not, people sit on great ideas. Don’t be one of them.
  4. If you think you can’t do something – you probably can’t. It’s
    those that reach for the impossible that make many more things possible
    happen along the way.
  5. Network like hell. When you’re young and have a start-up, it’s
    important to leverage the connections you’ve made. You’d be surprised
    to see how far you can go when others are just excited about your
    start-up and about your ideas.
  6. Innovate. Innovate. Innovate. You might have a great idea today, but will it be the same tomorrow?
  7. Try to maintain enough ambition and energy to achieve your goals,
    but also enough humility to accept the challenges and rejection that
    comes with being an entrepreneur.

Bob Thurman on happiness and becoming Buddha — on

Amid TEDGlobal’s talk of our global connection and interconnection, it’s a fine time to present Bob Thurman,
Buddhist monk and scholar, on the Buddhist view of the universe. In our
hyperlinked world, we can know anything, anytime. And this mass
enlightenment, says Thurman, is our first step toward becoming Buddha.
When we can know everything, we can see how everything is
interconnected — and we can begin to feel compassion for every living
being. (Recorded December 2006 in New York City. Duration: 12:17) Read Bob Thurman’s profile on >>

Do-gooders doing Google Earth

The mapping app has become a powerful tool for nonprofits with global messages about saving forests–and lives.

Featured Firefox Extension: Make all web page text interactive with Hyperwords

Who needs environmental monitoring?

We monitor the stock market, the weather, our blood pressure. Yet
environmental monitoring is often criticized as being unscientific,
expensive, and wasteful.

New Green Social Network Is Planting Trees

Green Six will plant 6 trees for every person who signs up for a sneak peek to their beta site.

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What Alan Graham Doesn’t See

Posted by telecommatt on June 13, 2007

First off, I’d better begin by saying that I enjoy reading Alan Graham’s Web 2.0 Explorer blog over at ZDNet. Also, I’m not a Palm user. I’ve toyed with them and never really felt like they worked the way I did. I do, however, have to take issue with Alan Graham’s assessment of Palm’s new product, the Foleo:

Sell your stock yet?

Once the shining pioneer that took Apple’s idea of mobile
computing and scaled it to fit in your pocket, now the company that
can’t seem to figure out what they make or who they are. This
week they announced their stellar new product, the Foleo fake laptop.

Seriously…this is a joke, right?

If you take a moment to view the presentation on Palm’s site, and I mean the full presentation, you get a pretty clear picture of where Palm founder Jeff Hawkins is going with this thing. And I’ve got to say, I think that he’s right. Smartphones are already becoming our communications hub. It’s with you all the time. You go home and sync it with your computer. You go to work and sync it there. And you sync it with your laptop when you travel. And by now, it’s got three quarters of the capability that your laptop has, plus it probably houses half your mp3 collection and photos of your last vacation.

My thought is that Hawkins sees a future where we work by proximity. We put our handset with range of some device and all our information is available to us on that device.

Yeah…sometimes you do want a full keyboard or screen…but
are you really going to spend that much money to supplement your phone?

What Graham doesn’t seem to get is that this is not a “supplement” for your phone. This is the future of your laptop. Face it. Your laptop is a brick that is full of features that you never use. This is exactly why, when my IBM Transnote died, I bought a Nokia 770 Internet Tablet instead. I examined the way I used my last machine and realized that I didn’t need all the “stuff” that the manufactures try to sell you on. And now that I’ve bought a device that hosts just the features that I need to do my job, I’m suddenly a lot more productive. Imagine that!

Right now the market for this sort of device is slim. Compare it to the internet table market or the UMPC market. But companies are investing because there is a future to these markets. Hawkins makes it clear that the Foleo is a product line, not an accessory. I see being able to walk up to a desk, or a kiosk, or a podium anywhere, and having your vital information at your fingertips with little or no effort on your part. I’m not quite certain what Graham sees.

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30%-80% discounts on Greenleaf books

Posted by telecommatt on April 20, 2007

Special Offers

This site was recommended on the Greenleap email list. There are some 40 or so books on green economic development that are discounted. This title in particular I found interesting:

The Ecology of the New Economy
Sustainable Transformation of Global Information, Communications and Electronics Industries
Jacob Park, University of Maryland, USA; and Nigel Roome, Erasmus University, Netherlands
80% discount on this title
May 2002 283 pp 234 x 156 mm
hardback ISBN 978-1-874719-47-2 £40.00

“Offers opportunities, challenges and perspectives in the relationship of ICCE with ecology and economy. Tremendously stimulating; touching a multitude of issues which are under hot debate in the industry. Will ICCE simply happen or is there a choice? Stirring, intriguing and helpful!”
Professor Ab Stevels

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