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Google Reader, Bloglines Beta, and Demo Girl All In The Same Post

Posted by telecommatt on September 7, 2007

Yes, Google Reader finally added a search box. In exactly the same place as my Greasemonkey search script. I was going to try one against the other this morning, but I got sidetracked by this new screencast by Demo Girl. She does a side by side comparison of the new Bloglines Beta and Google Reader. It’s worth a watch. (I watched it twice, actually.)

The problem is, I don’t think either reader will attract tons of users just by adding features. The people who are really on the look out for new features are probably the same people who are heavy enough users to have locked themselves one or the other. Like myself, I’m sure that most people out there who are heavy users have developed a system for reading many many feeds quickly, and that system was developed around their current toolset. In other words, it’s too much of a hassle to switch to a new feed reader and a few new features isn’t enough to make it worth the time.

But don’t listen to me; watch the video and make up your own mind.

Battle – Bloglines vs. Google Reader

Ever since the start of the redesign of Bloglines Beta, there’s been a lot of talk comparing it to Google Reader. (They’re actually always being compared, but more so this week.) I created a brief screencast just the other day
showing off Bloglines Beta and of course they’ve just added some
new features. You can now pin items that you’d like to come back
to and read later, email posts to friends, and they’ve got the
first list of hotkeys up. Bloglines Beta isn’t the only kid in
town with new shoes on though – Google Reader has finally
added a search box! So, with all the talk about who’s better and
why, I decided to just compare the two side by side and let you be the
judge. Here’s my screencast battle of Bloglines vs. Google Reader:

Flash Demo3m50s

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