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Jott Links Lets You Blog and Tweet From Your Phone

Posted by telecommatt on September 4, 2007

Here I am at 9:30pm, with a website to put up and two articles to write, and I’m playing with these new features from I’m pretty impressed though. For those that haven’t used it, Jott lets you call in and leave short messages for yourself or others on your contact list. Those messages are transcribed as text and kept in mp3 format. All your messages are stored on the Jott servers, but also emailed to you in both text and speech. I’ve been using it for awhile now, but not heavily.

With their new Jott Links feature, you can post a message to a blog, like I just did, or some other service like Twitter. Below is my text Jott. You can tell it’s not 100% accurate, but if you talk like up on stage instead of in your living room, it does a pretty good job.

So right now I got about a dozen other things that I should be doing right now but instead I’m testing out this new feature by Jott called Jott links and so far it’s pretty sweet. I can post short thought to my blog just by talking about them, so check it out and I think this is actually gonna end up in my blog. If everything works right and all out. Cheers.

Click here to listen

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